Master Bedroom Bedding and Decor

Do you make your bed first thing in the morning?

I used to not care about making the bed in the morning, I honestly thought, “what was the point?” But… my hubby thought otherwise 🤣 He loves crawling into a fresh bed every night – so… he usually makes the bed… but I did today! 🤣 … because it’s national make your bed day! 

Master Bedroom Bedding and Decor | Gathered In The Kitchen

Disclaimer: I truly hate looking at photos of people’s perfect rooms. I’m always wondering how do they keep it so clean? Or where do they put all of the “normal” stuff that a room really has?

So with that said, I did have to clean my room to take this photo – and even then, I have crap piles of random things like headphones, and books, and receipts stacked in piles alongside the bed that you can’t see. I like to keep it real and never make anyone feel like I have a perfect home. We still have a long way to go with putting our home back together after it was “gifted” back to us after our house fire. Also, as you can clearly see, the windows above our bed, that we exposed when we vaulted our ceiling after the fire, have not been replaced or framed out. (Truth be told, they are still broken with fire burn marks all over them…I’m not even joking.)

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Master Bedroom Bedding and Decor

I love girlie type decor, so our bedroom is pretty feminine looking, if I’m being honest. Over the years I’ve used several different patterned blankets or quilts, but currently, in our 1886 Victorian home, I felt that a pretty floral was appropriate.

Master Bedroom Bedding and Decor

I love the trim work on the edges of these pillow shams which I bought from Target years ago. The white Euro shams are Better Homes & Garden and are very neutral so they go with pretty much every quilt set I have.

While I typically do not have a tray styled on my bed (haha) this tray actually permanently lives on our velvet tufted ottoman in our living room…but it looks pretty on the bed as well! I love to decorate with spindles every chance I get. Check out my post for How To Make Decor From Old Wooden Spindles to see how I distressed these spindles on the tray!

Master Bedroom Bedding and Decor

I created a seating area in our bedroom when I did our 48-Hour Flip Master Closet Makeover (which was amazing!). While I hardly ever sit in these chairs (haha!) I do love the way that our room feels so cozy and welcoming. In the mornings, my hubby and I like to sit on our huge wrap around porch and drink our coffee…but cold weather is soon approaching, so I think that these chairs will definitely be used before long!

Master Bedroom Bedding and Decor

This side of the room has a loft – which was not finished during the rebuild. But, when we designed our bedroom to have the lofted ceiling, I wanted this loft to be a place for our future grandkids to be able to come hang out when the visit (that is, if they don’t decide to hang out in our son’s room which has the best loft ever!!) (and yes, I’m serious. I honestly designed this space with my future grandkids to come…and yes, I’m fully aware that my kids are still little themselves, haha! But hey, a gal can dream, ok!?!)

Master Bedroom Bedding and Decor

And of course…there’s always a creature or two (or three or four) laying on our bed.

Master Bedroom Bedding and Decor

Make The Bed With Me!

I don’t know what it is, but isn’t it so mesmerizing to watch people do daily tasks in fast motion? HAHA! I have no idea why this is even such a thing, but it is…and I have hopped on the Instagram bandwagon of sharing daily life in fast motion. So, if you enjoy videos like this, then hopefully you’ll enjoy this video of me making my bed! 😂

Stephanie from Gathered In The Kitchen showing how to make a bed

And there you have it! A freshly made bed that is just waiting to be filled with little people kicking us all night long and animals that lay on your feet! 😂 Our bed has always been quite the hang out place, lol. However, as uncomfortable as our nights sleeps are, I know I will greatly miss it when it’s just my hubby and I one day and the kids have all moved out and the animals are no longer with us. …oh, but wait, maybe then the grandkids will be coming!! 😉

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