House Update #27 | Laundry Room Makeover

I’m going to go out on a limb here, that when the house was built in 1886, I’m pretty certain there was no 1st floor laundry room ? ? – if anything, it would have been in the basement. Eek! Over the course of years, through various owners {we are #13, hence our luck with getting stuck by lightning and catching fire, I think! lol}, a laundry room was added to the 1st floor in a large closet in our sunroom. It’s a bit odd, in the sense that people building houses now would not add a laundry room where ours is, but I actually love it and think it’s genius!

The sunroom is located next to the kitchen and mudroom, hence where A LOT of our laundry comes from! Above it, is the kid’s bathroom and we had intended to have a laundry shoot added during the rebuild, but things went sideways and it didn’t get added…but we may still add one ourselves. {my worry there is, the kids will throw their clothes down that aren’t even dirty because they don’t want to put them away! haha…but am I right? or am I right?}


When we bought the house, there were shelves in the laundry room on both sides, over the washer and dryer. During the demo those were obviously removed – as the laundry room was SOAKED! The fire was above the laundry room/sunroom/kitchen and there was a lot of water that came down this way.

Before The Fire

Small Laundry Room Before & After

Demo & Rebuild

Small Laundry Room Before & After
Small Laundry Room Before & After

During the demo, the chimney was exposed, I kept it exposed on the other side, but not the laundry room side…I didn’t want to feel like I couldn’t cover it up. I have the strangest sense of guilt for things! So we had plaster walls added back. And that was it. The laundry room was left unfinished without any shelving, ceiling or electrical. Thanks to my amazing electrician dad for coming in and saving the day when things here went down the tubes.

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When we were finally able to move back home, life was so busy with other projects {like getting bathrooms up and running} that the laundry room was totally neglected – and began piling up with so much random stuff that I didn’t know where to put. I literally had to blindly feel for the dryer controls just to use it! ?‍♀️

Small Laundry Room Before & After

Although there are absolutely way more important projects that still need to happen, I just couldn’t take this laundry room situation any longer. I was losing my sanity. So, I hopped online, looked and looked and looked at different patterned peel and stick wallpaper, ordered 5 {yes five!} and finally made my choice based off of which looked best and was the most durable feeling.

I really didn’t have a plan, other than “JUST START!”. Thankfully my hubby quickly jumped on board and we worked together to transform this little laundry room into a special room in our home in just one weekend!

I’ve put our whole transformation process together in a short video that you can have fun watching below!

YouTube video


I am absolutely in love with the after! I love love love the new space and hope that it really makes me like doing laundry now! HA! Wishful thinking!

laundry room with floral wallpaper and open shelves
laundry room with floral wallpaper and open shelves

The floral peel and stick wallpaper is a cheery, unexpected surprise when you open the double doors that lead to my tiny laundry room. Every inch has been maximized for storage capacity, all while being stylish and functional! I now no longer dread opening those doors, being knocked over with mess and mounds of never ending laundry!

laundry room with floral wallpaper and open shelves

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