DIY Stained Glass Windows

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Add stunning flare and privacy to your home with this easy DIY Stained Glass Windows project on a tight budget!

We recently bought home #4, an 1886 Victorian in Wisconsin that has TWO BILLION WINDOWS!!! I am literally almost serious! There are so many windows. Many of which are super huge…and I absolutely love it!!! The house is always filled with natural light and it’s just so gorgeous!

Our library has a humongous and gorgeous Queen Anne stained glass window. (I’m not totally sure that is what it is technically called – but I insist that it is! And if you don’t call it by it’s rightful name of “liiiibraaary” with a very strong old English accent, then you are not allowed to enter! hehe. This house is owed so much respect and glory in my mind!

However, the price of antique stained glass is super expensive and very hard to find. Let alone, finding windows that are the same size as any of the windows in my house would be a miracle in itself. With our house being built in 1886, the windows are all different sizes, not standard, they are truly custom as it would have been way back when (insert a giggy squeal of love!!…and most likely an eye roll from my hubby, lol!)

As a quick and decorative fix, I ran to Home Depot to take a look at their stained glass vinyl film. Unfortunately, I didn’t like any of their designs so I hit up Amazon. I wasn’t able to find any Queen Anne style, colorful boxes along the edges, so I went with one that would look really pretty in our 2 upstairs bathrooms. It is called the Peacock in blue and green. I have to admit that I was a bit weary of how it would look, but now that I have it installed, I absolutely love it. It adds just the right amount of decorative flare and privacy that I was going for!

*This post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure here.

How To Installed Stained Glass Window Vinyl Film

The process is really easy and takes very little time. I was able to have both windows complete in less than 30 minutes!

This post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure here.

Supplies Needed:

Start by washing your windows really well. I used an old rag with my favorite organic, non-toxic window cleaner, Basic H2.

My vinyl film was not as wide as my windows so I had to cut it to make it fit together like a puzzle.

Remove plastic backing and apply to window. I like to leave an overhang at the bottom, that I will later cut off to ensure a tight fit.

Using a credit card, apply light pressure and rub out any air bubbles.

Using a sharp knife, trim off all of the excess vinyl film.

And that it’s! You have now successfully transformed your window from drab to fab with added privacy!

I chose to only do the bottom windows because we do have blinds on the windows that you can lower when needed. But I like the open top window because you can still see outside if desired.

It adds such a beautiful look and really does add the privacy I was wanting…I mean, you don’t always want a dark bathroom with un-natural lights!

Here it is in the master bathroom:

Here it is at night:

I love it!


  1. Oh I love it! You had me at stained glass windows and Victorian Farmhouse ❤️

    1. Thank you!! …same here, lol! I love all things Victorian!!

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