Stephanie @ Gathered In The Kitchen

Hi there! I’m Stephanie, and I’m so happy you are here!

At Gathered In The Kitchen, I delight in creating family-friendly recipes that are not just delicious but also easy to whip up, even on the busiest days. I revel in creating easy, family-friendly recipes that bring everyone together at the dining table.

Gathered In The Kitchen celebrates life’s ups and downs, joys and challenges. It’s where we talk about family, bake delicious chocolate chip cookies, transform spaces with kitchen makeovers, and dive into DIY projects like creating barn doors or crafting rag wreaths.

But it’s not just about creativity; it’s about resilience. We’ve faced challenges, like rebuilding our lives after a devastating house fire. Through it all, the heart of Gathered In The Kitchen has remained the same – family, recipes, and love remains steadfast, guiding everything we do.

Living My Dream

My husband and I dated when I was 16 years old for a short period of time. After a self-discovery break {you know, typical 16 year old girl issues!}, we reconnected and have been together since I was 19.

With college graduation and a marriage approaching, we decided to be brave and moved across the country to seek new and exciting opportunities. We were definitely on the 1950’s corporate ladder dream. My husband worked hard to receive promotions, went back to school to get his MBA, and we moved three times {and bought 3 houses} with the same company to three different states in 6 years time. All the while, I “retired” from Recreational Therapy to stay home with our growing family of three kids {and way too many animals} and dream up more and more recipes and house projects for us to work on during our free time.

I was living my dream.

From Ashes to Rebuild

After moving so many times, all of which were 1,000 miles away from our families, we decided it was time to “come home”, settle down closer to our parents and only be 160 miles away, haha! Not too close, but not too far away!

Life has its unexpected twists. Three months after making the cross country move to our 4th home 1886 Victorian home, tragedy struck. A lightning bolt turned our dream into ashes. But we discovered that with love, hard work, and community support, you can rebuild anything. And from those trials, Gathered In The Kitchen emerged stronger, filled with more passion and purpose.

Victorian home with roof removed and after photo of home complete with roof

Gathered In The Kitchen is about owning four homes in 12 years all in different states and renovating all of them! It’s about finding the strength to rebuild after all was lost in a house fire.

Through all our homes, renovations, and life’s curveballs, my passion for DIY, vintage finds, and beautiful craftsmanship has remained unwavering. I cherish this space where my style truly shines, and I’m thrilled to share it with you.

Join Our Journey

Whether you’re here for a recipe, a DIY project, or just to share in our story, I’m truly grateful to have you alongside. Dive in, explore, and let’s make memories together!