House Update #18: Hometalk Segment & Video Walk-Through

I have a featured DIY video tutorial coming up over on one of my favorite sites, Hometalk! I love that I’ve asked to do tutorial videos for their audience! It’s so fun…and scary all at the same time! I feel like doing LIVE videos with an audience (like all of the cooking news segments I did in North Carolina) was so much easier than doing it by myself in front of a camera.

For filming my video, I needed a bright and quiet place. Well…the apartment that we are temporarily living in, is absolutely the opposite of that! Not only is not bright, it’s certainly not quiet…or free of clutter and crap! It’s quite difficult fitting 5 people into a tiny two bedroom apartment…but it will soon be over in the next 3-4 months ( ???)

I decided I would film my segment over at the house, so I hauled over a ton of props and supplies – table, chair, background items, and more – and got busy filming! I’m super excited for my waaaaay easy project that I’m sharing that will go live on May 4th @7:30pm EST over on Hometalk!

My point in sharing this silly story is because sometimes I think we need reminders that behind pretty photos there’s always a real life situation going on. Social media helps us portray the good and the pretty…never the mess or real life stress. While that’s nice, it can leave us feeling a bit empty – and truthfully, isn’t it nice to see that someone else may not have all of their *junk* together? It helps make us all feel a bit more human! So, that’s the point in sharing this with you today!

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Once I finished filming, I decided I would do a live video for my personal Facebook page, which I’m sharing today with you! …mainly because I actually had real clothes on and did my hair! hahaha! Had to have proof I don’t just wear stretchy black leggings and sweatshirts alllllll of the time! 🙂

YouTube video

Remember…be sure to watch my featured video over on Hometalk on May 4th!

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