House Update #17: Butler’s Door

Ya’ll…I have always loved the swinging butler’s doors. I had never really seen one in real life…unless you count the door in the Cosby show! I loved watching that show growing up (no rude comments please!), and always thought their kitchen door to the family room was soooooo cool!!

I recently shared about one of my latest purchases on my Facebook page…

Butler's Door

I flew the coop today because …!!!

There are a few certainties in life…
– we are all going to die and face judgement day 

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– items at Home Goods & Facebook Marketplace DO NOT wait for you, there’s always someone else who will buy your “great find”. You must buy them when you see them! (Am I right? Or am I right?!? ?)

Today I had to break free and go pick up this Butler’s door that I found on Facebook! I’ve always dreamed of having one… although, I refer to it as the “Cosby door” because I grew up watching that show and that was the first time I ever saw a swing door! (Please no rude comments about The Cosby Show or Bill… I’m simply just referring to a door!)

When my hubby mentioned to me, one day a few months ago, that it would be neat to have one in our kitchen, I hit the ground running and have been looking ever since for a door to bring home! ….and today that dream came true!!! We will have to frame out the doorway before the plaster walls get installed in the next few weeks … but YAY!!!! I’m SO excited!!

Butler's Door

I am so excited to install this awesome door in our kitchen that connects to the dining room. It’s going to be so much fun! I may just have to pretend I’m a kid and go running through the house and push it open (such weird dreams I have!)

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