DIY Wooden Door Plaque

How to make a wooden door plaque with house number or year built date.

While working on my front porch decor for spring, I decided that my poor old 1886 house needed a date plaque on it! I mean, it only seems right for a house that has been standing tall for 135 years! It literally feels owed to have a date plaque!

So, I put on my crafty hat and got busy! I’m so happy with how it turned out!

DIY House Door Plaque

Supplies Needed:

Sherwin williams paint

Let’s Make The Door Plaque Together!

Step 1: I needed to sand the scalloped plaque a bit because it had a very rough wood grain texture to it. Because I was applying a painted stencil, this was necessary to not have the paint bleed through.

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sanding piece of wood

Step 2: Paint the plaques. I chose to use the same colors that we painted our home.

painting red paint on an oval piece of wood

Step 3: Attach the saw tooth photo hanger

saw tooth photo hanger attached to wood

Step 4: Paint stenciled design – I created my design using my Silhouette Cameo. I have a full tutorial here!

Step 5: Attach the scallop plaque to the oval plaque using wood glue

wood sign with gorilla wood glue

Step 6: Hang outside on your home!

DIY House Number Door Plaque
beautiful victorian front porch door
beautiful victorian front porch door

I love the way it adds detail to my ol’ 1886 gal! This old lady sure has been through a lot in her years standing here in Wisconsin.

This ol’ house was standing here 28 years BEFORE World War I. I mean, that’s almost too hard for my brain to even comprehend! Then in 2019, 133 years after it was built, it was struck by a massive bolt of lighting…but she’s still standing tall today, proud as ever.


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