Fall Mailbox Swag & Wreath

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So as some of you already know, Little Finch 1) started preschool yesterday 2) came home sick yesterday and had a horrible night last night. She is still sick today but doing much better since I finally was able to get some Tylenol in her! (meltaway tablets…thank you Jesus!)

Anyway, with her being sick and needing lots of extra attention (not to mention her 1 year old mischievous brother) I have had my hands pretty full last night and today. Hence why I haven’t posted any of the things that I had planned. For a few minutes today I was able to pull out some of our fall decorations and put them up. Nothing extra fancy but good enough to do the job!

I had made the mailbox swag back in Georgia at our 1st house a couple of years ago. The supplies were all from The Dollar Tree. I simply tied a bunch of leaf stems together with pipe cleaners and tied on a ribbon bow that I made. Then tied them to my mailbox with the ends of the pipe cleaners. So simple. (Don’t mind the dulled mailbox…Lover Boy just bought black spray paint last night to repaint!!)


Artificial stems of leaves
Pipe cleaner
Wire clippers
Grapevine wreath form (for wreath)

See that table in the garage?? That’s what I am posting about next!!! Just need to finish taking pictures!

(Super classy, I know!! But it matched my old mailbox!!)

Last year right after we moved into our house in South Carolina I started decorating for fall and wanted a different front door wreath. I had several extra leaf stems leftover from my mailbox swag (I am really good at buying extras! You never know when you will need them!) So I bought a wreath at Wal-Mart, gourds from The Dollar Tree and put together this wreath. I hot glued the gourds on and just stuck the leaf stems into the wreath. Again, so simple. Today I added a little ribbon bow. After looking at these pictures though I see some places that I need to go back and fill in with more leaves (good thing I still have some extras!) 🙂

Happy Fall Decorating!!!


*Little Sparrow 

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  1. I really like that wreath, and so simple. Funny about your white pipe cleaner, lol.

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