How To Make Decor From Old Wooden Spindles

Looking for uses for old wooden spindles? With a little bit of paint and a sanding pad, here is a creative way to use old spindles as decor in your home!

Looking for uses for old wooden spindles? With a little bit of paint and a sanding pad, here is a creative way to use old spindles as decor in your home!

Last year, I feel sucker to a Facebook Marketplace ad for a “Victorian Bookshelf”. It was a painted, Victorian looking, open-shelved unit that had multiple curvy shelves that got smaller in shelf size at the top. Super cute in pictures.

I messaged the seller and said I’d love to buy it. I drove two towns away and was met by a piece of dilapidated junk. Literally, it couldn’t even stand up because it was broken.

Uses for Old Wooden Spindles

But…I am a huge chicken and do not like confrontation. Also, if I give my word on something, I usually always stick to it…even if that mean I’m going to pay good money for a piece of junk! haha.

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So, I loaded that hunk of junk into my van and headed home racking my brain for a way to use it.

I’m a sucker for repurposing items into new items; like this cabinet door I turned into a sign, this porch stool that I built from old pieces of wood and spindles, and this farmhouse tiered tray I made from cookie tins! So, I knew I’d figure something out.

I took apart the shelving unit and discarded all of the pieces that I was unable to use, but saved some of the “spacers” between each shelf. Let me show you what I did with them!

Uses for Old Wooden Spindles


Uses for Old Wooden Spindles

Let’s Paint The Spindles Together!

Using the chip brush, paint your spindles completely.

Ideas for Old Spindles - painting wooden spindles to distress

Let the paint fully dry. Using a sanding pad, gently scuff up and distress the wooden spindles to your liking.

How to distress wooden spindles with sanding pad that have been painted

Ta da! Such a simple 10 minute craft that you can do with any old wooden spindle or dowel!

How to Style a Wooden Tray with wood spindles, flowers, letters, and books

You can use these distressed wooden spindles in so many different ways to decorate your home!

Style a wooden tray, fill a pitcher, turn them into candle holders, prop them up next to a photo frame. The ideas are endless!

Farmhouse decor made from old wooden dowels and flowers

Then have fun decorating with them round your home!

Decorative Spindles from Old Turned Wood Spindles

Don’t you just love how much better they look now that they are painted and distressed? That brown paint color on them was so not flattering!

Old Wooden Dowels Turned into Chic Decor

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  1. The spindles are gorgeous, my friend.

  2. There are great! Sorry you had issues with the seller.

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