House Update #25: Surprise Visitors!

I’m so behind in updating what’s been happening at the house…gutters, siding repair, flooring, and tiling…I’ll get to that some day! But for now, this is an exciting post that I’ve been meaning to share for a several weeks!

Through this ol’ blog and Facebook, a previous homeowner found me and reached out. We talked several times online (haha that sounds so funny) and she asked me if one day she could come see the house. So, that one day came and I met her and her daughter over at the house!

Immediately it was like we were long lost friends, so excited to meet each other…bonded over something we both immensely loved! Our 1886 Victorian home! Since they had lived there, there were 2 more owners until us!

There were some tears, some amazing stories shared and some old finds that they had found in the home when it was theirs! …that they brought to us so we could keep! ***I’m putting together a “keepsakes” box of items found in the house (and hidden treasures in the ceiling) ..and will leave it for the next owners —–> when I’m dead and gone and the ghost haunting the attic! Lol

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1951-1952 Bicycle Registration Card

I particularly love the Do’s & Don’ts! They are so good!

A Letter From A Granddaugher

One day in 1998, the previous homeowners had a knock on the door and it was an old woman (likely in her 80s) and her young granddaughter. She explained that her grandparents (whose namesake our house is coined after) had owned this house and she just wanted to see it and show her granddaughter. They had a lovely visit and the old woman had sent her this thank you card later expressing her gratitude.

Ring Coin Purse

This is the best find! A little old coin purse that you would wear on your finger and then clasp the purse inside your palm. A discrete way to carry your money as a lady. Look at that detailing! It’s so pretty! I can only imagine the girls wearing this way back when. How sweet and dainty! This was actually found in the secret bookcase room hanging on a nail under the stairway. The same place I found a key (not “old” old).

Victorian Nutcracker Musical Box

The homeowner had said that she had bought this little Victorian Nutcracker Musical Box one day at an antique shop and just felt it was perfect for the house. They kept it in the library every Christmas. It was her daughter’s favorite piece, but they wanted to pass it on to us … so this will definitely find a special place in our house at Christmas time!

YouTube video

I am just so honored to have met some of the previous homeowners and that they were able to share so many of their favorite memories with me. It was so special and meaningful.

At the end of the day…

That 1886 Victorian has always been so loved. I have said it so many times, but I have always felt that those that have lived there before us have really loved that old house…she truly is a special place to be.

I know it’s a house, literally just wood, glass and plaster (and now marble…I’ll update again soon! lol) but there’s something so special about it. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s there and I feel it. I’ve never felt this way about any of our last 3 houses. Maybe it’s the ghosts of all of the previous homeowners (just kidding), but there’s this odd sense of safety and comfort there…EVEN though it was literally on fire with us there!

The street, the neighborhood and the town … they all just go together with the house. It’s a great place to be and I’m so excited to get to move home to my old lady! 🙂

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