Thanks so much for following along with our house rebuild! We’re glad you’re here and hope that you will be inspired by our story.

What Happened?

On June 28, 2019 our house was struck by lightning and immediately caught fire. Fortunately we were all home and were able to get to safety. It was a terrifying scene, but we are forever thankful to have had such an amazing community to embrace us and while firefighters put out the fire. – Even as brand new neighbors to the area! We had just moved here three months prior from North Carolina!

What Damages Are There?

There are lots! Unfortunately, the fire took around 4 hours to put out. Hot spots kept spreading and spanned throughout the entirety of the house. The fire completely destroyed the attic and roof, however, the water to put out the fire and smoke are what caused most of the damage on the other three floors. Although the damages are extensive, as you will see the entire roof will be coming off and rebuilt. We are working with crews to try and salvage as much as possible. Our main goal is to put our house back to its period- appropriate self and make her shine, for another 133 years!!

Fire Updates:

Update #1: House Fire, Struck by Lightning

Update #2:  Update

Update #3: Frustration

Update #4: The Beginning of Demo & A Few Hidden Surprises

Update #5: Demo of the Downstairs

Update #6: 

Update #7: Silver Spoon

Update #8: Trick-Or-Treat; Victorian Style

Update #9: New Joists

Update #10: Roof

Update #11: Roof Demo

Update #12: Roof Demo & Rebuild

Update #13: Beginning of Rebuild

Update #14: Secret Bookcase!

Update #15: We Have Roof Shingles!

Update #16: Heart Hunters & Easter

Update #17: Butler’s Door

Update #18Hometalk Segment & Video Walk-Through

Update #19: Beginning of Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC

Update #20: Garden & Bunnies

Update #21: Choosing An Exterior House Color

Update #22: Treasures Hidden In The Ceiling

Update #23: Insulation

Update #24: Plaster Walls

Update #25: Surprise Visitors

Update #26: Half Bathroom Before & After During Fire Demo

Update #27: Laundry Room Makeover

Update #28: How To Paint & Refinish HVAC Vent Grate Covers

Update #29: DIY Wooden Door Plaque

Update #30: Spring Porch Decor

Update #31: Garage Door Makeover | How To Install Carriage Door Hardware

Update #32: Our Victorian Farmhouse Kitchen | Progress Update

Update #33: House Updates

Update #34: DIY Custom Window Trim

Update #35: 4 Year House Fire Anniversary

new house!
House Fire - yard filled with smoke
House Fire - fire trucks arriving
House Fire - Rescue 14
Plumbing and electrical ripped out of house during house fire
House Demo_ 2nd Story - 6
1886 Victorian Home in the snow
Red Merle Australian Shepherd at Christmas