Painting Techniques for Outdoor Wooden Porch Sitter Signs

One of my most favorite ways to add curb appeal to my house is by placing a custom painted wooden porch sitter sign on my front porch next to the front door. I like to make different signs for each holiday or season to add beauty and to reflect the changing seasons and moods!

North Carolina House | Gathered In The Kitchen

In our previous home in North Carolina, it was important for the front door area to feel welcoming and cozy, as this was our main entrance. This is where my love for DIY front door decoration ideas began. I placed a lot of emphasis on creating a hospitable and charming atmosphere from tulip wreaths to building raised planter boxes or 10-Minute DIY Wooden Garden Flag Holder with Scrap Wood to changing the color of the right at the threshold, ensuring that it reflected the warmth and friendliness of our home.

Shifting to our current home, an 1886 Victorian farmhouse, the front door is less utilized, but maintaining an inviting front porch still remains a joy for me. I feel better knowing that when the mail is delivered to our mailbox decorated with a floral swag after the long walk on our long perennial lined sidewalk or when people walk by on our sidewalk, my front porch looks pretty and inviting!

Wisconsin House | Gathered In The Kitchen

In recent years, wooden porch sitter signs have become so popular and everyone has them sitting outside of their front doors. But what do you do if your front door does not have a covered porch or area to keep the wooden sign protected? What if the painted wood is exposed to the elements or sun, snow or rain?

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That’s why I’m writing this post today, to provide tips and trips I’ve learned throughout the years to protect your hard work and keep it looking beautiful for years to come!

Materials and Tools Required for Crafting and Sealing Wooden Signs for Outdoors

Let’s first go over the types of tools I find best for creating porch sitter signs, ensuring they’re suitable for crafting and sealing wooden signs for outdoors.

Type of Wood

Best type of wood to make porch sitter signs

Preparing the Wood by Sanding:

  • sanding the entire surface of the pine boards is always a best practice to remove any imperfections or dents in the wooden surface. Use a fine grit sand paper, such as a 220 grit, to ensure that you do not fray the wood
Sanding Sponge | Gathered In The Kitchen

Paint To Use:

  • choosing the right paint is crucial for protecting outdoor wooden signs from weather and ensuring longevity
  • most paint options are suitable for painting signs, however, I prefer using chalk mineral paint or acrylic paint as they both provide excellent coverage and typically require only one coat, making it less likely for the bleed-through if using a stencil. Oil based paint is a fantastic option for creating long-lasting designs because of the durability that oil based paint provides, however, clean up is not easy and requires additional cleaners … so I always opt out of this option!
Paint to use to paint wooden porch sitter signs | Gathered In The Kitchen

Paint Brushes or Rollers:

  • having a good selection of paint brush sizes available is best. Use larger width brushes for painting larger areas and smaller tip brushes to create intricate or more detailed designs
Paint brushes to use to paint a wooden porch sign | Gathered In The Kitchen


Buffalo Check Stencil | Gathered In The Kitchen


  • applying a protective sealer, like Gator Hide, on top of your painted design will ensure that the sun and weather elements do not damage the paint and will allow it to maintain it’s appearance for multiple seasons.
Dixie Belle Gator Hide sealer

Then comes the fun part!! Decorating your porch with the sign!

DIY Chicago Bears Wooden Porch Sign

In conclusion, creating custom wooden porch sitter signs for a personalized curb appeal with homemade signs can be such a fun and creative activity…especially when you need a break from adulting! HAHA! All of the signs I’ve made throughout the years have added a unique and personal touch to our homes. They not only enhance curb appeal but also express our family’s personality and style through the changing seasons and holidays.

So, whether you are an experienced DIY enthusiast or a beginner, I hope the tips and tricks shared in this post will inspire you to try your hand at creating your own porch sign project. Remember, it’s not just about the sign itself, but the joy and warmth it brings to your home and those who pass by. Happy crafting and decorating!

Check out these wooden porch sitter signs I’ve created in the past for inspiration!

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