How To Screen Paint Transfer on Wood

Using screen transfers to paint on wood is an easy way to ensure beautifully painted designs. Remove stencil transfer from backing, adhere to the wood, apply acrylic paste over the stencil with a paint brush. Let dry and remove stencil transfer.

I have been painting on wood and creating my own custom wooden farmhouse signs for many years! I have even hosted DIY Wood Sign Workshops that taught others how to make their own signs!

The sign making process is fairly easy. Through trial and error you’re able to learn tricks of the trade to ensure your painted design has nice, crisp edges. A

While attending the Haven conference in Atlanta, GA, I was introduced to reusable screen transfers by Plaid craft company. One of their blogging ambassadors had set up a crafting table to try out some of their products. Sooo…being the avid crafter that I am, I was so excited to give their stencils a try!

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farmhouse wooden signs

Supplies To Screen Paint Transfer on Wood

wooden tag, paint brushes, acrylic paint paste, screen transfer

Let’s Make It Together!

I just “learned” TikTok and made a video to show you how easy this screen painting actually is! Enjoy the video or scroll past for the full step-by-step picture tutorial!

Step By Step How To Make A Custom Wood Sign

Step 1: Remove stencil transfer from backing paper

remove stencil transfer from backing paper

Step 2: Apply transfer to wood and press down with hand

Apply transfer to wood and press down with hand, insure the transfer in all places

Step 3: Use Plaid acrylic stencil paste

Plaid acrylic stencil paste

Step 4: Squeeze out some paste on a plate or tray. Mix if using multiple colors.

mixing acrylic stencil paste

Step 5: Using a paint brush, gently paint the paste over the screen transfer.

painting stencil paste over the screen transfer

Step 6: Carefully and slowly pull off the stencil transfer a few minutes after applying the paste

removing screen transfer stencil
removing screen transfer stencil

Here is a close up of the screen transfer. You can see that there is a screen where the letters are.

plaid crafts screen transfer

Step 7: Add jute rope if desired

just and scissors sitting on crafting mat

When I returned home from the conference, I decided to finish off the wooden tag with some jute rope. It’s such a simple thing to do to add some extra pizazz!

farmhouse wooden signs
DIY Farmhouse decor
farmhouse wooden sign decor with ladder and plant

It all looks so cute out on my side porch!

Farmhouse Style Outdoor Porch Decor

My friend Jen from Yellow Cottage Living had such a fun time making these signs at the conference!

How To Screen Paint Transfer on Wood

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  1. I must’ve spent so much time looking for a sign blank and paint that I had no idea you had snapped so many pictures!

  2. They turned out so good! I was so impressed by the quality of the stencils and paint!!!

  3. You make this look so easy! Beautiful job!

    1. Thank you!!! It truly was super easy!! Way easier than the way I usually make my signs! This is a must make again now in my book!

  4. Paula@SweetPea says:

    Your sign turned out great! Now I’m wishing I had attended Friday night in.

    1. Thank you!! I actually didn’t attend it until after the Mastermind meetup, I headed over there right after and quickly made this sign!

  5. I absolutely love this project. It seems so easy and it turned out really beautifully! Pinning for later!

  6. Cindy Rust says:

    These would make such great gifts! Thanks for sharing! Pinning!

  7. I love the added touch that the jute rope gives! This looks so cute on your porch and you could make these for so many places!

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