Stay Home | DIY Wooden Porch Sign

How to build a wooden porch sign! – stay home and flatten the curve!

Stay Home | Wooden Porch Sign

While the whole county is at home, I’m trying to find ways to keep busy and still do what I love without having to go to the store. Unfortunately, before our lighting strike/house fire, I had enough crafting supplies to supply an entire Hobby Lobby (seriously, the attic resulted in FIVE dumpsters! and that’s where all of my crafting supplies had been put by the movers 3 months prior. Wahh!!!)

Anyway, I’m avoiding going to the stores at all costs, doing my part to help flatten the curve. So I went to my house and grabbed the wooden porch sign I had out there and brought it back to the apartment and painted the other side! Yay to making the most of things!

Stay Home | Wooden Porch Sign

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Build Sign

Place the 1×4 boards next to each other. Evenly space the furring strips off the bottom and top. Screw into place.

Paint sign in desired colors. I am totally in love with the Palmetto color lately! I used it on my upcycled magazine holder and it looks sooo pretty!

Wooden Porch Signs | Building Plans

Create & Cut Your Design

I created my design in Silhouette Studio. I adjusted my page size to the size of my board.

I then cut my design on glossy vinyl using my Silhouette Cameo.

Paint Design

Transfer design to boards and paint.

Seal Your Sign

Once your design is complete and the paint is dry, you may choose to seal your sign. A great product for this is Dixie Belle Gator Hide. I personally don’t seal my outdoor signs because my porch is covered so my signs aren’t really exposed to the elements.

Stay Home | Wooden Porch Sign
Stay Home | Wooden Porch Sign

What are you all doing to pass the time during this coronavirus outbreak? I’ve been making a lot of signs! These funny bathroom signs about washing your hands are some of my favorites! Hope you are all staying safe and healthy!

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