DIY Pipe Leg Table

As many of you know, we are in the middle of a full kitchen renovation! One of the very first things we did was build a built in eat in area. My husband custom built the entire bench to fit our space, spanning the full length between our walls. I will get that blog post up soon! But here’s a sneak peak…

DIY Pipe Leg Table

Now that we had this great seating area we needed a table. My husband envisioned a pipe leg table and so that’s what he made! He custom built it to the exact dimensions we needed/wanted. We wanted a shallow table that would hold our big square plates but be thin enough to not interfere with the pantry that we are building next to the eat in area.

DIY Pipe Leg Table

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Let me show you how he made it!


1) Piping – we chose 1″ black piping

DIY Pipe Leg Table

2) Steel CapsDIY Pipe Leg Table

3) Floor FlangesDIY Pipe Leg Table




4) Wood of Choice – we chose oak.


1) Home Depot cut our pieces of pipe for us with their pipe cutter. Then they threaded the ends of our pipe so we could install the floor flanges and the steel caps.

YouTube video

2) I spray painted all of the pieces with a black metallic spray paint.

3) Assemble the wooden table. My husband used oak and cut it accordingly to the extra piece of granite we had from installing our own granite counters. In an effort to class it up a bit, we thought that a granite inlay would look pretty cool…and it does!

DIY Pipe Leg Table

4) Attach with wood screws the floor flanges to the underneath of the table top

DIY Pipe Leg Table

5) Twist on the steel caps to the bottoms of the pipe legs

DIY Pipe Leg Table

6) Twist the pipe legs in to the floor flanges (p.s. we are ripping out all of this tile flooring and installing oak wood floor)

DIY Pipe Leg Table


5) Using wood filler I filled in the gaps in the wood top

DIY Pipe Leg Table

5) Sand, wipe and stain!

DIY Pipe Leg Table

Ta Da…

DIY Pipe leg table

We purchased 2 IKEA chairs before building it and made sure that the table was the correct dimensions to accommodate them. We wanted a really flush and streamlined look. The bench seating is for the kids and the chairs are for mommy and daddy! 🙂

DIY Pipe Leg Table

I really love it! It works perfect in the space that we have and is so modern feeling!


DIY Pipe Leg Table


  1. How many pipes did you have to purchase and how long did you get them cut down to?

    1. Hi Marichu – each pipe leg is 24″ tall – we went with that height because of the chairs we had. It will depend on the height you go with to know how many pipes you will need. Good luck! Post a picture when you are done!

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