How To Make A Tulip Wreath

Tulips add such a bright and colorful sense of cheer! When they start to sprout, it’s a sure sign that the dreary days of winter are gone and that warmer weather is right around the corner. This tulip flower wreath is a perfect addition to your front door for spring & summer that won’t break the bank and will take a short amount of time to make!

I have been eyeballing a couple of tulip wreaths that I’ve found at various stores while out shopping. However…there is no way I’m paying the outrageous price tag of $60+ when it’s on sale!! So, I did what I do best – I bought the supplies and crafted my own!

I have to admit, I wasn’t sure how to make a tulip wreath. I figured I could make it a couple different ways…

  1. using a metal wreath form and floral wire to hold the tulips on
  2. using a foam wreath form and cutting the tulips and sticking them into the foam while applying a small amount of hot glue to the bottom of their stems to hold them in place

But…I knew this wouldn’t really give me the desired look I was wanting – a super full (almost dense) wreath of tulips. So I decided to use my kid’s favorite app, YouTube and got to searching for tulip wreath tutorials. (Now I can be cool in the eyes of my kids – I used YouTube! lol) luckily I found one tutorial showing exactly the look I was going for so I’m thankful to say I learned something on YouTube!

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How To Make A Tulip Wreath | red pink and white tulips in the shape of a wreath

Although this wreath is very simple and easy to make, I felt it was best explained in a video. Sometimes seeing a project in action is so much better to learn from rather than still pictures. So I’ve created a short video showing exactly how to make this gorgeous tulip wreath!


YouTube video


I really think that this is the perfect wreath for spring and Easter! What do you think? I’ve gotten a lot of feedback about it on my Facebook page. Go there and LIKE it so you can stay up to date on my latest projects and in-between life happenings!

Stephanie bruce from gathered in the kitchen and pink white peach mango colored tulip wreath

pink white peach mango colored tulip wreathpink white peach mango colored tulip wreathpink white peach mango colored tulip wreath

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