House Update #12 – Dumpster Diving + A Unique Find

If you’ve been following along on this crazy lighting strike/house fire, then you know that the work on the roof has recently begun. They began at the back end of the house because that is where the fire was the worst, therefore, compromising the roof the most.

Since our house is 134 years old, I have stressed (almost daily) to the crews to not throw ANYTHING away…and furthermore, if they find anything old to save it for me! The main guys at the house daily totally get this and actually seem excited to tell me when they find something that I will totally geek out about! (and believe me, I do!) So far they’ve found an old silver spoon, really old homework, a plastic toy figure (think Happy Meal toy from McDonald’s), and uncovered a 2nd chimney!

They even know not to pitch the old wood floors, joists, etc. Yep, I’m a regular ol’ wood hoarder!

Well…getting back to the point, the roof crews must not have been communicated with because the beautiful wooden scallops on the back of our house were sawed through and throw into the dumpster.

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wooden scallops on house

I noticed that that section of the house was down while passing by my house one day after taking the kids to school. I immediately threw the car in park and ran up to the house asking where they were. The moment they told me they were in the dumpster my heart sunk. I’m in several Facebook groups for Victorian homes, home restoration, etc and honestly, I can say I’m not just a weirdo who wants to save crap! These are the types of things you save when tearing apart an old house!

There was no way in hell I was going to let those scallops sit and rot in the dumpster, so when the crews left that night, I took it upon myself to do what was absolutely necessary…I dumpster dove! And I have no shame!

Rebuilding an 1886 Victorian

I fished out everything I could.

wooden scallops on house

Lets have a moment of silence for the wooden scallops. 🙁


Beautiful 1886 Victorian styled farmhouse with wrap around porch home in Wisconsin

Although I’m super sad about these wooden scallops, there was a positive note from the day. One of the guys found this super old and huge nail in the house! It’s the perfect “man” find to compliment my girlie silver spoon!

1800s nail
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