DIY – Repurposed Christmas Cards to Thank You Cards

I grew up in a family where you wrote a thank you note for EVERYTHING. My mom never let us off the hook for it either. It’s definitely something that I have carried over into my adult life. I am the queen of sending cards for every holiday, event, etc. (I’ve been much more slack since the kiddos have been born but I do try hard to not miss out on sending the Thank You cards).

I decided to go through my stash of cards. I pulled out old Christmas cards that we had received (some of them were a couple of years old). I cut off the inside part and left only the cover – like a postcard.

christmas card thank yous

I wrote the thank you message and the kids colored around the words making them extra special and cute!

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I only had to pay for postage (I have a huge stash of envelopes) and now have some extra space for some new cards! 🙂


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