House Update: #13 – Roof Leak

We got a lot of snow last night here in Eastern Wisconsin. It was absolutely beautiful…however, not so great for the house.

In the morning my hubby and I went to the house to snow blow the driveway and sidewalks. [Read all about our Husqvarna ST424T Snow Blower HERE!]

Husqvarna ST424T Snow Blower

Once I finished, I went inside to check on the house. I was really worried there were going to be snow piles inside…however, to my dismay, there were no snow piles, but rather leaking water!!!

Rebuilding an 1886 Victorian

It’s a really hard thing to see your biggest financial investment falling to pieces, going down the crapper! I feel like we finally get to a point where we take 1 step forward in this whole darn reconstruction and then take 2 steps back.

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Water was leaking from the “roof” (aka a tarp) in multiple areas of the house through to the 1st floor, in between the walls (that were left).

Rebuilding an 1886 Victorian
Rebuilding an 1886 Victorian
Rebuilding an 1886 Victorian
Rebuilding an 1886 Victorian

I immediately went into SAVE MY FREAKING HOUSE mode and grabbed Rubbermaid bins that were sitting outside in our garage and placed them around the house to try and catch the water leakage.

My hubby then came home from shopping with our boys and he went into SAVE MY FREAKING HOUSE mode and pulled out our ladder and got busy trying to fix our house! I used a rope to get the shovel up to him on the roof and he started shoveling down snow. He then fixed the tarp as best he could with some wood I found inside the house. The work he did actually did stop the leaking…for now! Until more snow melts and goes into the house.

Rebuilding an 1886 Victorian

While we were inside, we noticed that several of our storm windows have been removed and snow was piling up on the inside. My hubby immediately was upset and wanted them cleared because once this snow melts, that water is going to sit on our already super old wood and start rotting it out.

snow in window sill

So I got busy clearing the snow and drying the sills as best I could.

cleaning window sill

I swear, by the time this whole insane situation is over, I will be so thankful! I cannot wait! We are no strangers to home renovations…but this one is way more than I would have liked to have bargained for!


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