House Fire Update #34: Welcoming Past Home Owners

When we bought our 1886 Victorian home, I immediately had this strange feeling about it. A feeling of us just “doing our time” here – but in a good way. It’s weird. We are technically the 13th deed owners of this property, according to all of the records I’ve pulled on the house. Thirteenth. No wonder we were the lucky ones to get struck by lightning. HA!

But no, seriously, this house is so full of past lives that have lived here and I feel it. I feel the love that was poured into this home. Why no one has stayed for super long periods of time is beyond me, but I love that it is a house so full of memories.

It is a house with a rock solid (actually it really is made of rocks, lol! The walls are over 2 feet thick of stones!) that couldn’t be shaken. Even when the house was burning with fire and being doused with water, the house didn’t move. The foundation is so, so strong. It is a foundation like I wish my faith was. A never shaken foundation.

This past week at church, the guest pastor spoke on this verse: Matthew 7:24-27, Jesus states that those who hear His words AND do them are wise builders. They have built their homes on rock-solid foundations. The winds howl, the rains come – even a flood comes – but the house stands firm. Those who hear His words, but fail to live by them are foolish builders.

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Obviously, hearing these words made me think of my house. And it made me so very thankful that it still lives on to tell its story…and to be a keeper of all of the memories of those who have lived here before us.

(photo from when we closed on the purchase of the house)

A couple of days ago, I received a message from a previous owner saying that she and her siblings were in town and would love to come by and see the house.

I was ecstatic with excitement…and freaking out because both my house and I are hot messes. So…pushing it to the latest possible moment (to give myself every second there was to clean) I welcomed them in…to not just my home, but their home as well.

It was so wonderful meeting them and hearing a few of their stories of living here. Not much has changed, mainly because I truly didn’t want to it change (except these few {major} changes).

Because I’m me, and I always take photos of EVERYTHING, I asked to snap their photo out on the front porch. The porch of this house is seriously fantastic and very treasured…and my go-to spot for family photos! I had the photos printed and gifted it to them – and I put one in my house keepsake box. This way, years down the road, we can look back on this photo and be glad that the house has been loved by so many people.

Over the years, the front exterior of our home has changed a lot…but there’s one thing that remains – people like to take photos out front! This porch has been loved by every family! Isn’t this photo just amazing?!? I’m so happy that this photo was left for us by the family we bought the home from.

Here’s the house today! The front room upstairs was expanded, the porch was removed and rebuilt, stairs were relocated and the chimney was added.

1886 Victorian Home in Wisconsin

I would love to have a gathering of all the {still living} previous homeowners. I mean, wouldn’t that just be so much fun? A big get-together of everyone sitting around telling stories about this ol’ place! Maybe one day??

Anyway, I’m so thankful that we had the opportunity to meet the family and spend time with them. They are so nice, kind and happy that the house has us; people who love it so much and care to bring it back to life.

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