Halloween Front Porch Decor

Create a welcoming front porch entryway for Halloween using pumpkins, mums, baskets, ghosts and other spooky decor.

I’m a true lover of fall and Halloween. I love to decorate the inside and the outside of my home, typically from handmade crafts. I love to make costumes (when my kiddos were younger) and I love to get dressed up myself and partake in the fun.

1886 Victorian Home at Halloween | Gathered In The Kitchen

As much as I love Halloween, there’s one thing I don’t like…and that’s scary! I legit am the biggest scaredy cat and do not like anything that is creepy, spooky, gory, haunted, you name it. My extent of scary is the 1990s Casper movie. And if I’m being 100% honest, that’s because when Casper turns into a human, he is sooo cute! Yes, I absolutely had a crush on him when I was kid! 

I was very last minute with getting my Halloween decor set outside. So last minute, that it was actually Halloween when I put them outside! HAHA! My porch was decorated for fall with lots of mums and pumpkins, but I didn’t have anything specific to Halloween out there, so I quickly got busy shifting my decor and crafting new pieces.

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Hand Painted Sign

First, I grabbed my humongous wood sign that I hand painted and had inside on my mantle

Halloween Mantle Decor | Gathered In The Kitchen -

…and hung it outside over my front door entry way with hooks.

dead and breakfast wooden sign on victorian home for halloween porch decor

Spooky Hanging Ghosts

Next up, I ran to Walmart and bought the supplies to make little hanging ghosts and hung them on my hanging basket hooks.

Halloween Front Porch Decor | Gathered In The Kitchen

The cute little ghosts added just the right amount of fright! hehe … for me at least!

1886 Victorian Home at Halloween | Gathered In The Kitchen

Witch’s Hat Wreath

On my screen door, I hung my most popular wreath tutorial yet…my Dollar Tree Witch’s Hat wreath! It looked so cute out there, especially with my little witch inside 😉

Dollar Tree Witch Hat Wreath | Gathered In The Kitchen

Mums, Pumpkins & Baskets

Potted Jack-O-Lantern Mums

Sometimes sweet and simple is best. Now it’s time to change it up for Thanksgiving!

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