How To Decorate with Wicker Baskets in Fall

How to easily decorate for fall on the interior and exterior of your home using wicker baskets from thrift stores.

There is something about wicker baskets that I just love. They not only have the ability to store or hide things, they also have the ability to cozy up a space. My friend Kristin, is the best at using baskets inside her home to display blankets, plants and so much more. I would definitely say she is where my basket-loving craze was started.

When I lived in North Carolina, there was an AMAZING thrift store that I had to pass every single time I went to and from my house anywhere (our neighborhood was located on a peninsula…so it wasn’t my fault for having to stop and shop all of the time, lol!)

They had such a huge section of wicker baskets that I loved to scan through each trip. When fall came around, and all the mums started being brought outside of the stores, I had the idea that my porch needed to be decorated with baskets and mums! So…off to the store I went.

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These are the baskets I brought home with the help of Buzz Lightyear! (My boys looked Buzz!)

Wicker Baskets for Fall Decor | Gathered In The Kitchen

I turned those very baskets into this adorable display for my porch using a mix of pinecones, artificial flowers, real plants and wreath picks. I loved how it turned out!

front porch fall decor with scarecrows, pinecones, bale of hay, wicker baskets and artificial flowers

Where to find cheap baskets for decor

My favorite place to find wicker, grass or wood baskets is at thrift stores! I have found that the basket section of many donation-type stores is always really large and I’m always able to find what I’m looking for.

What can I fill the baskets with?

The options are endless here! I love to fill my baskets with flowers, pinecones, potted plants, small sticks to just name a few. I also will find items from the wreath making supply sections at craft stores and buy ribbon or picks (ie: a small scarecrow, etc) and place those in my baskets.

Should you spray them with protective?

This answer depends on where you will be keeping your baskets and what will be in them. If they are going to be exposed to the elements outside, then yes, I would recommend spraying them. I use Minwax Fast-Drying Polyurethane Spray in a satin sheen to protect my baskets.

Should you line the bottom of the baskets?

Again, this depends on what you are going to put inside your basket. If you are planning on putting real plants inside, then yes, it’s best to line your basket with a some kind of plastic to help protect the inside of your basket from getting wet, softening or rotting over time. Grocery bags and garage bags work great!

Will water ruin wicker baskets?

Again, this is similar to the sunlight, water will ruin your baskets over time. Using a basket liner will definitely help protect the inside of your basket. If you’re able to keep your basket out of the direct weather, that will also help.

How to create a drain in a wicker basket

Using a pair of pointed scissors or garden snips (even snips for cutting metal work great), carefully cut a hole in the bottom of your basket to allow drainage.

Will sunlight ruin wicker baskets?

Sunlight can change the appearance of your basket over time. When I lived down south, my baskets didn’t hold up for more than 1 extended season due to the extreme sunlight they received (this was due to the location of where they were placed…our front door handle would often times get too hot to even touch!) Spraying the Minwax Fast-Drying Polyurethane Spray should help in protecting your basket.

More Ways To Display Wicker Baskets for Fall

I created a cute mum pot using a large apple basket. It created the perfect “home” for the mum! I simply kept the mum in the black potting container in came in, placed it in a garbage bag and then placed it inside of the apple basket. Done! See more of this tutorial in this post: DIY Scrap Wood Pumpkins

DIY Scrap Wood Pumpkins | Gathered In The Kitchen

This adorable mum holder was created by my friend, Kristin. She set a wooden basket tub on a slice of wood (such a cute idea!) and added a mum! It looks so cute! You can see more of her amazing porch in this post: Easy Outdoor Fall Porch Decor

Easy Outdoor Fall Porch Decor

In that thrift store run where I bought all of those baskets, this was one that I did not use outside on my front porch. Instead I kept it inside and added an artificial plant to it stacked on some old vintage books! You can see more about this tutorial in this post: Decorating with Plants | Affordable Artificial Farmhouse Plants

Speaking of adding artificial plants to baskets, I bought both the basket and mum at JoAnn Fabrics and used them inside to spruce up my fireplace. You can see more of my fireplace decor in this post: 6 Cozy Fall Decorating Tips with Pumpkins

farmhouse fall decor with Hay Bale with Faux Potted Mums and Pumpkins

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  1. Beautiful! I’m a huge basket fan, too. I don’t have a lot anymore, maybe it’s time to start thrifting again!! Thanks for the ideas and the tip!

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