DIY Scrap Wood Block Pumpkins

Welcome to Day 10!

Thanks so much for joining me for day 10 of our 12 Days of DIY Fall Crafts series! Today we are going to make cute pumpkins for outside with scrap pieces of wood!

I have a HUGE pile (it’s not even really a pile, it’s a wall!!) of scrap wood that is from my house during our rebuild. I have used several pieces of the wood for various projects around the house: DIY Porch Stool, Wooden Blanket Ladder, this easy Barn Door, Wooden Porch Signs, and this Wooden Centerpiece Box but truth be told, I haven’t made a dent. In an effort to keep using up some of the scrap wood, I decided to make pumpkins!


DIY Scrap Wood Pumpkins | Gathered In The Kitchen

Let’s Make It Together!

YouTube video

If you would rather not watch the video, here are the steps in photos

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1. Gather scrap wood and cut to desired size

If you would like angled tops, be sure to cut at a 45 degree angle with a miter saw

dewalt miter saw cutting wood
scrap pieces of wood cut

2. Using a 3/8 drill bit, drill holes in the top of each pumpkin for stem

optional: omit this step and attach the stem to the pumpkin with hot glue

scrap pieces of wood sitting on ground with Ryboi power drill
drilling hole in scrap wood using ryobi power drill

3. Paint your pumpkins

I used Dixie Belle Chalk Paint, my favorite!

Stephanie from gathered in the kitchen painting wood pumpkins

4. Attach stem and tie raffia to add some extra flare!

pile of wood in yard
raffia hanging on shelf at Walmart

These little pumpkins turned out so cute! They look really sweet sitting on my porch next to my mums!

Not only is it great to use up scrap pieces of wood (especially because wood is so expensive right now!) these pumpkins are a great alternative to carving pumpkins, if you’re not about touching pumpkins guts!

DIY Scrap Wood Pumpkins | Gathered In The Kitchen

These pumpkins are durable and able to sit out side for the Fall season! It’s so easy to decorate your porch with these cute scrap wood block pumpkins!

DIY Scrap Wood Pumpkins | Gathered In The Kitchen

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DIY Scrap Wood Pumpkins | Gathered In The Kitchen
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DIY Scrap Wood Pumpkins | Gathered In The Kitchen

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