Classy & Easy Outside Christmas Decor (daytime)

Classy & Easy Outside Christmas Decor (daytime)

The outside of our house is finally finished! Here it is during the daylight!

I made this wreath out of scraps from the Christmas tree farm! 🙂 The pinecones and berries are from a floral arrangement Lover Boy had sent me my sophomore year in college, 8.5 years ago!

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This old red sled was actually given to us by the people we bought our first home from in Georgia. They gave it to us because we were from Illinois and knew we liked snow! I absolutely love it! We actually used it this last winter in South Carolina when we had two weeks of deep snow! Little Finch had a blast!

I love to decorate my mailbox. Silly me always feels like it’s always neglected. I made it out of more tree branch scraps.

I made swags for each pillar and for in the middle of the railing. Look at those blue skies! I loooove living in the sunny south! When we were back in Illinois for Thanksgiving after day 2 Lover Boy and I were already feeling down in the dumps because there was just simply no sun! Just overcast, gloomy days. No thank you!

The sunlight was already heading towards the back of the house when I took these pictures but there is a 60″ wreath on the bricks. All of the wreaths have white lights on them!

Don’t you just love my flowering mums? December 8th and they are just as beautiful as ever!

Here’s the house at NIGHT



  1. I really like how you made your wreath! What a great way to meld the past with the present….keeping memories alive! The floral arrangement that Clayton gave you 8.5 yrs ago must have been beautiful!

  2. Oh wow, that sled is adorable. If I lived closer I might just nab that off your porch, lol. I can’t believe that you still have mums blooming – isn’t that amazing. Everything looks great.

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