6 DIY Easter Wreaths for Your Front Door

Spring has sprung so get outside, sweep off your front porch, change out your welcome mat and add a colorful Easter wreath to welcome the change of season! Here are many wreaths you can make yourself! DIY plastic Easter egg wreaths, grapevine bunny wreaths, colorful curly deco mesh wreaths burlap wreaths, cheery tulip wreaths and more!

There’s something so refreshing about pulling out the colorful spring decor and liven back up your home! After the long and dark, cold days of winter, spring comes with such excitement! Finally getting to go back outside and not freezing, the longer days, the sounds of the birds chirping and the little flowers starting to bloom. It’s all a cause for celebration!

I don’t know about you, but these are the days when I start to feel my creativeness come back. It’s like it sits dormant all winter…and then…spring comes and I’m ready to rock and roll with new projects!

When my kids were younger, we had so much fun getting ready for Easter. We loved to make Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs, He Is Risen paper craft, and the best ever fluffy slime…and so many more DIY Easter projects! that I made for them with my embroidery machine. I wish they were little little again! They are past the age of “wearing cute shirts that mommy made”, so now they help me create recipes for Easter and wreaths for all of our doors!

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diy easter wreaths

Plastic Easter Egg Wreath

Do you have extra plastic Easter eggs laying around? Use them up by making this adorable Plastic Easter Egg Wreath! If you don’t have extra plastic eggs laying around, they are very inexpensive and can be bought at your local Walmart, Dollar Tree or Amazon.

DIY Plastic Easter Egg Wreath Tutorial for under $3

Curled Deco Mesh Bunny Wreath

Make an Easter themed bunny rabbit wreath using Dollar Tree materials. This curled deco mesh method creates beautiful and full wreaths!

Check out my tutorial for how to make a curly deco mesh wreath.

Dollar Tree Bunny Wreath | Curled Deco Mesh Wreath

Grapevine Bunny Wreath

This may be one of the world’s easiest wreaths to make – ever! … and it’s so cute! If you can tie a bow and twist craft wire, you can make this grapevine bunny wreath!

YouTube video

Tulip Wreath

Tulips add such a bright and colorful sense of cheer! When they start to sprout, it’s a sure sign that the dreary days of winter are gone and that warmer weather is right around the corner. This tulip flower wreath is a perfect addition to your front door for spring & summer that won’t break the bank and will take a short amount of time to make!

pink white peach mango colored tulip wreath

Burlap Wreath with Wooden Letters

Change out the wooden letter for an Easter themed decor hanger! Grab any kind of door hanger at your local Dollar Tree and add it to the middle of this burlap wreath!

YouTube video

Coffee Filter Wreath

A beautiful and easy wreath made from coffee filters for less than $5! Using a hot glue gun and coffee filters you can transform your space in less than an hour! Dye the coffee filters with food coloring and let dry before, and make a colorful Easter themed wreath!

coffee filter wreath

DIY Rag Wreath

Cut strips of colorful fabric and tie around a wire wreath form to make this beautiful and super easy rag wreath!!

DIY Rag Wreath Tutorial - Beginner Level & Under $10

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