Decorating with Plants | Affordable Artificial Farmhouse Plants

Decorate your home or living space with affordably priced, extremely realistic looking artificial plants that give your home a farmhouse vibe!

I have to admit, I never used to use fake plants as decor in my homes until I totally stole the idea from my friend Kristin, who is amazing at creating beautiful spaces.

Finding the right types of artificial plants can be tricky because I’m picky and cheap! I mean for the price of artificial plants most of the time, you could go buy real a whole garden worth of real ones!

When we were working on gutting and rebuilding our kitchen at our North Carolina house, we made a trip to Ikea to look for low profile chairs…and low and behold, before the checkout was the artificial plant section. I remember this day distinctly because, holy Toledo it was like the plant gates of heaven opened up and the light blinded my eyes! It was fantastic!

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Not only were the plants beyond affordable (so I could buy absolutely way more than I needed!!! *squeal) but they were the most real looking artificial plants I had ever found! {ya’ll they are $5 each!!}

My house is usually full of these beauties, but at the moment, since we aren’t able to live in our house because of the house fire {lightning strike} I have them all over our super tiny apartment, making it feel like home!

Vases, Pots, Crocks and More!

Using different containers or vases to put the plants in is an easy way to differentiate your decor throughout your house. I love using copper vase like urns, ceramic utensil containers, concrete vases or wicker baskets.

When I built this $4 blanket ladder, I felt it needed a little something…besides blankets! So I added a wire basket and two Ikea plants.

This lambs ear plant is styled in a wicker basket I bought from my old and way-too-favorite thrift store in North Carolina.

This thyme plants is in a concrete planter I bought from Hobby Lobby during one of their 50% off sales.

Copper urns, man do I love them! When I spot them at thrift stores, I always scoop them up!

This lambs ear in the fabric and grass is from Home Goods. The just tin is a repurposed cookie tin that I made {full tutorial HERE!}

Artificial Lambs Ear Plant

I bought this sweet little pine Christmas tree at Five Below for $3 buckaroos! I have it sitting in a candle holder from Bed Bath & Beyond that my daughter picked out for me for my birthday!

This post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure here.

Want To Buy The Same Ikea Plants?

Here you go! I’ve included the item number to the plants that I purchased at Ikea. I have included the links to the plants on Amazon, if they’re available. The prices are higher than if you go to an actual Ikea store, but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do! 🙂

Artificial Lambs Ear Plant

Sold here on Amazon

Artificial Boxwood Plant

Available here on Amazon — also called Jade or Oregano

Artificial Thyme Plant

Buy here on Amazon

How do you decorate your home with artificial plants? I’d love to see them! Share a post and tag me on Instagram ( #gatheredinthekitchen) or Facebook ( @gatheredinthekitchen)

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