DIY Porch Stool

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Wooden porch stool made out of scrap wood!

Many of you have been following along with the Blogger Challenges I’ve been participating this year, where we create something different each month depending on the theme. So far I’ve shared tutorials for DIY Farmhouse Tray with Jute, Upcycled Magazine Holder, and Painted Dining Room Hutch.

farmhouse themed porch decor

This month, the challenge was to build something for organizing. Now, often times when you think of building things, you think of larger scale items. Well, with everything going on in my own life (lighting strike = house fire) and being displaced, plus, everything going on with the Covid-19 situation, I have been busy homeschooling, etc. Plus, I have definitely have not been wanting to go out shopping to buy supplies. So I decided I was going to build something out of my scrap piles of wood. While my project isn’t something in the traditional sense of “organizing”…it’s helping me organize the decor on my front porch to look more purposeful and put together!

P.S. Yes!!! This is snow! It was snowing as I made this in April!!

Let’s Make It Together!

I have a huge (and that’s definitely an understatement at the moment, since our house had to have a TON of it’s original wood torn out of it) scrap pile of wood and a collection of small wooden spindles that I had saved from a burn pile!

This post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure here.


DIY Wooden Porch Stool

The pieces with the spindles had a back piece to them so I took two pieces of lath and nailed them with the air nailer to the front and back to create a sturdy base.

DIY Wooden Porch Stool

I then took pieces of our tongue and groove attic flooring and cut them using a handheld circular saw to the same length.

Farmhouse porch decor

Next I used the nail gun again to nail the flooring pieces to the top of the leg stand/base.

DIY Wooden Porch Stool

And that was literally it! One of the easiest woodworking projects I have ever made! I set it up on the porch and put a few items on it…but felt it was missing some umph to it! It needed some color!

DIY Wooden Porch Stool

Thankfully, I had some paint in my car along with a paint brush because earlier in the week I had been testing out a few colors on the house (we are changing the paint color). I slapped a coat of Behr paint in the color of Heritage Park, a super lovely shade of green and fell in love! While it dried, I ran back to our temporary living situation and grabbed some pretties to decorate with!

Painting wooden stool
Behr Paint Heritage Park

I absolutely love the way it turned out!

farmhouse themed porch decor

Books: from thrift store
Mug: from thrift store
Wooden Crate: from thrift store
Plants: I shared about all of my farmhouse plants HERE!
Wooden Beads: I shared my tutorial HERE!
Wooden Porch Sign: I shared my tutorial HERE!
Wooden Bird House: was in our yard at our 1st house in Georgia and I took it with us when we sold it! (same with the red church bird house above) — ohhh the memories!
Wooden Spindle: part of my salvaged collection!

farmhouse themed porch decor
farmhouse themed porch decor
farmhouse themed porch decor

Who else has decorated their homes with hearts for #hearthunters?? I love the cheer and joy it brings!

farmhouse themed porch decor

There’s so many different ways to decorate this cute little porch stool! Plus, I love most that I created it from pieces that were meant for the dumpster!

farmhouse themed porch decor
farmhouse themed porch decor

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  1. Love that little stool! You gave me an idea because I have some legs laying around that were too short for a chair… thanks for the inspiration!

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