DIY Locking Caster Wheel Stand for Table Saw

We are always chin deep in DIY projects around our house – and many of those projects require the use of a table saw. Like many people, our table saw is kept in our garage…and our garage is always so cluttered with kid toys that it makes it impossible to access the table saw fully let alone cut wood without making a huge mess all over the toys. We would always drag it out of to the garage to the driveway = super pain in the butt because it’s heavy and doesn’t “drag” easily.

So…my genius hubby came up with a solution. He’s talked about doing this for years, but like all good ideas, they take forever to actually happen (at least at our house). Until now…

DIY Locking Caster Wheel Stand for Table Saw

He built a stand with locking caster wheels on it to easily move the table saw from place to place.

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DIY Locking Caster Wheel Stand for Table Saw

It’s genius!!! He screwed the table saw to the board at well to secure it in place (our table saw stand had holes in the feet so he screwed it through those).

DIY Locking Caster Wheel Stand for Table Saw

He did locking caster wheels so when he’s ready to cut he can ensure the table won’t move. Basically “locking” caster wheels = brakes.

Here you can see it in action!

YouTube video

Build It Yourself!

Supplies Needed:

-piece of MDF wood cut to size of your table saw

-4 locking caster wheels

-2″ long screws



1. Screw the caster wheels to the MDF

2. Place the table on top of the stand and screw in place

That’s it! It’s a super easy build that will save you tons of time and energy!! Now you have your very own DIY Locking Caster Wheel Stand for Table Saw!

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  1. Simple, yet effective. I like it! I’d be a little leery of the brakes suddenly not working though… I guess I’d just have to hope my life isn’t actually like the Final Destination movies 🙂

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