House Update #16: Heart Hunters & Easter

Spread sunshine, color the world and spread hope!!

This whole Covid-19 situation is so depressing and worrisome. I wish that we could just reverse time and avoid this situation all together!

I feel like we are living a real life Little House On The Prairie episode, when Mountain Fever took over the town in the episode “Quarantine“. Our family began watching the whole LHOTP series right after we bought our 1886 home to help us “get into the spirit” of owning an old home. It has taken over a year, but because of the Covid-19 quarantine, we finally finished the entire series! It’s amazing what people have gone through, are going through and how they come out on the other side...and how love makes it all worth it and helps us preserve.

Aside from the actual Covid-19 situation, I feel like I’ve been in quarantine since the lightning strike = house fire, since June. Being displaced, not having our stuff (and I don’t mean alike piddly little tinker stuff…I mean like our beds, the beaters to my mixer, a complete silverware set), and dealing with everything that has come along with this whole situation. There’s no real way to describe it, other than just really, really, really wanting to be back home in my own home, in my own yard, with my family.

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A neighbor invited me to a Facebook group called #HeartHunters, it’s a group that places cut out paper hearts on your home in hopes of spreading cheer, happiness, and hope.

Because our house looks so so sad right now, I decided to take #hearthunters to the next level and put up hearts in almost every window on the house! My husband teased about me to the kids saying we have the most hearts in all of Wisconsin. … which, that’s an accolade I would gladly accept! 😉 I just want our house to make people smile and feel good when walking by. I’d rather them see love than the complete mess and chaos.

Easter 2020

The Easter Bunny visited the house so we were able to celebrate Easter there with an Easter egg hunt and basket hunt! It definitely wasn’t all pretty, nor decorated (heck, there’s still not even electricity or plumbing!) … but in the end, it’s not about how pretty something looks, it’s about the love that is there – and celebrating the real reason of Easter: that Jesus rose again!! I wanted to capture the memories and photos in a space that is so deeply loved and filled with so many memories from past families!

Wishing you all love and health!!

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