Caprese Burgers

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Burgers! Who doesn’t love them! They’re a staple in American culture. But lets face it, the same ol’ burger gets old after awhile. That’s why I love to change them up from time to time! My good friend Sarah asked me if I would like to try the Caprese Burger recipe from Wildtree and I said “of course!” I am so happy to report that my entire family loved it…but especially my hubby and 6 year old son! In fact, my little man asked me for the same burger again the next day for breakfast!


Sarah had given me Wildtree’s Garlic Galore and Basil Pesto Sauce (which is nut free!) and the recipe for these awesome Caprese Burgers! I love that Wildtree has such high standards and really puts quality, safety and deliciousness first!

wild tree

Lets Make Dinner!


I love love love my kids helping me in the kitchen. In fact, that is how Gathered In The Kitchen got it’s name all those years ago! (est. January 2011). Involving my kids in the kitchen has paid off because they are great eaters (for the most part) – I never cook different meals for them, they simply always eat what I make (but then again I don’t make anything tooooo crazy!) and they love trying new foods! I call them well-rounded eaters! 🙂

I love even more that my kids loved these burgers that were so easy and quick to make! The Basil Pesto Sauce is combined with artichokes which send this recipe to the next level! Plus it’s such a fantastic way of sneaking in more veggies to your kids!


I choose to use Grass Fed Organic Beef which I actually purchase at Aldi. It’s super reasonably priced and tastes delicious! My tomatoes are homegrown from my garden! I used Pretzel Buns for the hamburger bun because I saw them at the store and was super excited to try them! 🙂

From Wildtree with Sarah you will need: (p.s.  you will have lots of leftovers so you can use these for several more meals!)


Here’s the awesome recipe!

wildtree caprese burgers

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