Back-2-School Time Saving Tips: Snacks

Packing lunches and snacks for your kids can be super stressful! I’m picky and don’t like sandwiches, etc prepared the night before so unfortunately I use that same standard for my kids. So…I always pack their snacks and lunches in the morning. I have to admit, I used to struggle with getting lunches ready, kids dressed and out the door on time. But over the years I’ve figured out ways to help cut down the time it takes to prepare lunches and snacks. Here’s my top 3 tips!time-saving-tips

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1. Wash fruit and vegetables all at once

Preparing an entire bag of grapes at one time saves sooo much time! I never used to do this, rather I’d be grabbing handfuls of grapes in the morning, picking them off the vines, washing them, drying them and then packing them. What a waste of time! Now when I purchase a bag of grapes I immediately take them off the vine, wash them and then put them in the refrigerator. Not only does it save time for packing snacks, it also promotes healthy snacking! If it’s prepared and easily accessible my kids never hesitate to snack on them!

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I wash all of my fruit and vegetables with Basic H2. It’s organic, nontoxic and highly concentrated – so it’s beyond economical!

Back-2-School Time Saving Tips: Snacks - Organic, nontoxic fruit and veggie wash

Back To School Lunch Storage Containers

2. Pack into daily containers or ziplock baggies

I actually learned this tip from one of my college professors back in the day. She used to pack cut up green pepper slices and put them in ziplock baggies for each day of the in the morning on her way out the door. Genius! I love to do this with carrots, grapes and peppers!

Being a mom of 3 kiddos, I have bought way more containers than I would like to admit. The only, and I repeat only! ones we have found to not leak, be easy enough for my kids to open and not break are the ones by Sistema.

Here are the little snack containers in my video: (update: I am no longer able to find the containers I used in my video, instead these Sistema containers work as a great alternative!)

These are the containers I pack their main lunch into (I love these because they have a little container inside for dips, salad dressing, etc):

I also use these for snack containers – I especially love them because they are divided into two sections and do not leak between the sections!

Back To School Quick & Easy Recipes

3. Have a snack container in your pantry

I hate boxes and boxes and boxes in my pantry. Not only does it take up so much space it just looks so cluttered. Years ago I bought a plastic tote container and keep it filled with snack items for my kids. In fact, I keep this container on the bottom shelf in my pantry so my kids can easily grab snacks when they get home from school!

You could also use a cute photo box and fill it with snacks!

I’d love to hear from you! What do you do to save time in the morning for packing lunch and snacks for your kiddos?

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