Healthy Breakfast Tortilla Wraps

Spring is in full bloom down here, therefore, it is swimsuit season! I smile and frown at the same time! After having Laughing Coyote almost 11 months ago I lost all of my baby weight within 2 months. However, since being in our new house and finding a new love of cooking I have slowly been adding them back…boo!!

Lover Boy and I have been wanting to do a detox diet (not to lose weight, but to cleanse our systems) for several months now. However, with me still nursing it probably isn’t the best idea at this time since I still need to consume so many calories (this is my excuse for right now for not doing it). Instead, I have decided to just pay more attention to what I am actually eating during the day – aka taking out the one million snacks I eat daily for no reason! (I definitely have the bored eating syndrome!)

I was introduced to Calorie Count from Kevin and Amanda’s blog a few months ago…and thought it was nice but didn’t do anything with it – until this week. It is an awesome site that lets you type in what you ate and figures out how many calories it was. You can type in your own recipes and find out what the calorie count is per serving as well. You can also customize the items and add in the nutritional facts for certain foods in your pantry! It also lets you know where you are lacking, ie: veggies, fruits, etc. AWESOME! I definitely recommend checking it out.

This morning I made breakfast tortilla wraps. After plugging everything into the calorie counter it came to 267 calories. Not bad since I had lots of different food groups represented.

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Start by heating 2 eggs to scramble - season with pepper
Once the eggs start to harden add in 1/4c chopped green peppers
Once eggs are cooked, remove from heat and mix in 1/4c diced tomatoes and 2tbs green onions
Place on a tortilla and top with 1tbs of your favorite salsa. Enjoy and feel good that you're eating a healthy breakfast!
I thought the tortilla wrap was good but I did kind of miss my cheese…and then I reminded myself of being in a swimsuit!
Hope you guys like the recipe and have fun playing around at Calorie Count!
Also, from now on I will do my best at including the calorie count per serving and the recipe in an easy read format!
*Little Sparrow

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  1. I have been looking for a tortilla breakfast recipe so I could use my tortillas that have been taking up space in my fridge. I just tried this recipe for breakfast this morning, and it was soooo delicious. I used white onion instead of the green onion, but everything else was the same. (Well, I did add a little bit of cheese, but only because I like my cheese). Can’t wait for the next time I make these! Thanks for the idea!

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