Spring Cleaning Checklist: Printable

My most favorite reason for liking spring is the “starting fresh” feeling that comes from sunshine, new plant growth, and decluttering my house! Given our track record of moving (we purchased 3 homes in 5 1/2 years), Spring is usually when we are getting our houses ready for sale. I love this time because it’s the perfect excuse for going through all of your items and really eliminating what you don’t need. We have no plans of moving at this time, but our family of 5 sure has a lot of junk stuff that has just been accumulating and needs to be gone through.

I’m going through each room pretending that we are moving! Only the necessary items are staying. The rest is either being packed away into storage containers for keepsakes, donated, or simply put back in the correct room/location that it belongs in.

Follow my very doable, easy Spring Cleaning Checklist and you’ll be able to have your home show ready as well!

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My Favorite Cleaning Tools/Cleaners

When it comes down to actually cleaning, I feel that it’s super important to have high quality and fun cleaning tools and cleaners. I honestly don’t like cleaning. I’m not one of those people that delights in dusting, washing the floors, etc. I have so many other “important” things I would rather be doing. However, with these favorite cleaning tools and cleaners of mine I don’t mind cleaning as much!!


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As a kid the only chore I was responsible for was vacuuming. To this day, that is honestly the only chore I truthfully enjoy doing. I cannot stand dirty floors. If the floors are dirty then I feel like I’m in a dirty place (not just messy place!).

Lover Boy and I bought our first home when I was 23 (he 24) years old. The family room and bedrooms had berber carpet that had a pattern to it. We had 3 dogs and even though they were short haired breed dogs that had very minimal shedding, they brought in a lot of debris that would get stuck down in those patterned grooves. One day I had enough and without telling Lover Boy I went to Best Buy and bought a Dyson Animal vacuum. The price tag was super high for a 23 year old, but I was hell bent on owning a Dyson and figured it would just be best to ask for forgiveness later 🙂 To this day I still have that vacuum and it works like a charm (*cough*, 8 years later). However, just last week I got the new Dyson Cinetic  Big Ball and I’m in love! With 3 young kids and 3 crazy dogs, Dyson is the only vacuum that is able to keep up with our messy family!

lferrisHaving the wand and attachments right there on the vacuum makes it super easy to complete so many of my Spring Cleaning Checklist items in one shot: vacuuming the floors and insides of cabinets and dusting!…even cleaning between the couch cushions and under the furniture. The wand is one of my most favorite features about the Dyson. It is seriously something I just cannot live without!


Check out this video I made showing how easy it is to transition from carpet to hardwood floors to ceramic tile and how accessible the wand is!






YouTube video

My other favorite cleaners are Shaklee Basic H which is a multi purpose cleaner that is organic, biodegradable and super concentrated. I literally use for everything! From washing my floors, washing my counters, washing my windows, washing my fruit to power washing my house, to adding bubbles to my kids bath! Basic H is the way to go!! You can learn why I chose Basic H in this post.


Shaklee Scour Off Heavy Duty Paste is another of my all-time musts! It has saved me in so many situations – particularly sticky and greasy situations! 🙂 I use it to clean my cooktop, my bathtubs, my windows when they are realllly dirty, and even my pots and pans. Check out this post and this post to see how Scour Off has worked so great for me.

These three products, hands down are my absolute must-haves. They work amazing, last forever, and are worth every penny!! You can’t go wrong with any of them!! I guarantee they will help you enjoy cleaning!!

 Homemade Cleaners

If you’d prefer to make your own cleaners these are my favorite recipes that I had used for years before I found Shaklee.  Enjoy my FREE Homemade Cleaners Recipe e-Book!

Happy cleaning!!

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