Shaklee Scour Off Paste on Dirty Windows

My dogs stay in the garage when we are gone because Harley just can’t be trusted. He will go to any extreme to eat any baked good. No joke, I’m like $1,836 in the whole on just bread because of him. Anyway, he has major separation anxiety (he’s actually been diagnosed, 10 years ago!!!- oiy) and barks like a psycho until his mommy returns home and is safe…not sure if I should feel honored or beyond annoyed! 🙂 Just kidding, I love that crazy booger! While he barks he stands up on the garage door watching my every move of loading the kids up, pulling out of the driveway and when I pull back in. 5 seconds too long from his alloted “normal time to do all of this” sends him into a barking spree. Which in turn means slobber all over our garage door windows. Then add in the hot hot hot North Carolina sun baking it all day long (even though he’s on the inside). It just gets sooo stuck. P1040210 Before my Shaklee days I used to use Windex and was never able to get it all to come off. Even if I scrubbed at it with my fingernails. Now insert Shaklee’s Scour Off Paste and all is right in the world. Screenshot 2014-10-03 04.42.21 P1040211 It’s a paste that you apply to a wet rag or sponge and gently rub it on the surface you are trying to clean. P1040212 I then used Shaklee’s Basic H diluted to the window cleaner solution and wiped off all of the residue. P1040215 TA-DA!!! I couldn’t even get my camera to focus on anything on the window because it was so clean! P1040216 So happy to have clean windows again…for a couple days at least!! 🙂 Screenshot 2014-10-03 04.49.27   Not only is it a SUPER effective and safe cleaner, it is soooo economical! Only $7 for members! Such a huge deal! You can order yours HERE! _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _ The 16oz bottle of Basic H makes 48 GALLONS of safe and effective cleaner! Only $10 and you get 48 gallons worth of cleaner that is perfect for every type of surface!! Amazing! You can order yours HERE! Screenshot 2014-10-03 04.58.28 garage door

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