Easter Egg Sugar Cookies

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I like to overachieve in certain areas of my life. Typically in areas that really have no real importance (lol), like sending goodies with my kiddos to school to give to their classmates for every random holiday. I’m a stellar overachiever in this category (but in the dusting my house or cleaning my car category…not so much).  I’m sure I spend more time and money making things than buying a crummy $.50 item at the store. But I’m cool with it because one day when my kids are older and super snotty (more than now) I’ll rub it in their faces saying I was the best mom ever who did everything for them. Fingers crossed that actually works when I need it to ;-p

Easter Egg Sugar Cookies

So in true overachiever mom fasion, I burnt the midnight oil rolling out homemade sugar cookie dough, cutting it into egg shapes, baking and decorating with homemade royal icing. It was tedious, but so much fun. I’m addicted to my own misery of slaving the night away working on projects – so win win! Ha!

Easter Egg Sugar Cookies

I decorated each cookie with hearts because they just look so much fancier this way.

Easter Egg Sugar Cookies

I let the cookies set up (aka harden) over night and the next morning I packaged them up and added little tags I made.

Easter Egg Sugar CookiesEaster Egg Sugar Cookies

I love them – almost as much as my adorable kiddos!

For my preschooler, I made these Easter cookies with carrot decorations that I loved as well!

Easter Sugar Cookies with Carrots

Happy Easter!! Here are a bunch more Easter creations you can replicate 🙂

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