How To Patch A Hole In Drywall

How to properly patch a small or large hole in drywall using a self-adhesive patch, putty knife, spackle, and sandpaper. This method works to permanently repair damaged walls or ceilings.

We recently needed to move a water line in our kitchen to accommodate for our kitchen renovation. The kitchen configuration changed and the refrigerator moved to the other side of the room, therefore, the water line needed to be moved.

In this tutorial I will show you the step by step process to properly fix a large hole in the wall. This same method can be used to properly fix a hole in the ceiling as well. In both situations, the final sanding is the most important step. A good blending job is key otherwise you will see the patch lines.

Supplies Needed

drywall patch, spackle and putty knife

Wallboard Joint Compound vs Spackle

Wallboard joint compound is a better option for larger hole filling. The consistency is much thinner and spreads very easily, almost like a room temperature butter. For smaller projects, like nail hole filling, spackle is a better option as it dries quickly and resists shrinking when it dries. Both wallboard joint compound and spackle come in different consistencies. Wallboard joint compound comes in lightweight and a setting compound. Spackle comes in lightweight and all-purpose. Your project will dictate which type you need.

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How To Patch A Hole In Drywall

  1. Place the self-adhesive mesh drywall patch over the hole (if the hole is small enough, joint tape will work), making sure the entire hole is covered. If the hole is very large, you can buy a piece of sheetrock drywall at your local hardware store and cut it to size to fit inside the hole. Proceed with the steps below (we opted not to do this, even though the hole is large, because this particular hole is behind our built in column refrigerator)
how to fix a hole in drywall

2. Using a smaller putty knife, begin to apply wallboard joint compound over top of the drywall patch. Use a large drywall knife to smooth out any lines and feather out the edges. Be sure to cover all of the edges of the patch.

how to fix a hole in drywall

3. Allow the wallboard joint compound to dry and reapply if necessary

how to fix holes in drywall

4. Let wallboard joint compound dry

how to fix holes in drywall

5. Sand smooth with a fine grit sandpaper, 220 is a good option. Sanding is likely the most important step in making sure that you do not see trace marks of a patch job. Take your time and sand smooth, leveling where needed. It may be possible that an additional coat of wallboard joint compound is necessary.

sanding drywall how to fix holes in drywall

6. A good patch job is only noticeable because of the color difference. Prime and paint when ready!

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How to patch a hole in drywall

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