Dixie Belle Kudzu Green Painted Shelf: Before & After

Step by step tutorial how to makeover a shelf with Dixie Belle chalk paint in the color kuduz green.

We recently took a trip to Washington D.C. for spring break. While we were at Mount Vernon, George Washington’s Home, there were green benches that adorned the landscape. I absolutely fell in love with the shade of the green and knew I wanted to incorporate it into my house somehow. I contacted the paint company I used for my stenciled table and sent them the picture of the bench at Mount Vernon and asked them which shade of DB green it was closest to. They replied with Kudzu Mineral Chalk Paint. So that’s exactly what I painted it!

Dixie Belle Kudzu Green Painted Shelf Before & After

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Our master bedroom bedding is actually green – various shades of green with paisleys. We had registered for it back in 2005 from Pottery Barn for our wedding and literally have had it on our bed ever since. It’s one of those pieces that I’m sure wasn’t the most in style for a few years there, but paisleys and intricate designs are my jam and as my BFF says, you should decorate your house with things you love, not the style of the moment. And these bedding items are literally my faaaaav!!!!

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Dixie Belle Kudzu Green Painted Shelf Before & After

green paisley pottery barn bedding (here you can see the paisleys….awww!! in our 1st home  in Georgia that sold the day I went into labor with our big guy with my husband out of state!)

Our town is situated around a lake, which is amazing, however, a lot of our major shopping is on the other side of the lake. It honestly isn’t that bad (especially being from the suburbs of Chicago…) however… I’ve gotten lazy to the awful traffic to get over there (only 1 road crosses the lake on either end) + plus + I have to pick up from preschool during the middle of the day so it does actually pose some challenges to going to “the other side”. But…I did have to go to Hobby Lobby so when I do that I always make my rounds into some of my favorite stores over there – Goodwill and Habitat Restore. I snagged this adorable little wooden shelf for a couple of bucks and knew exactly what I was going to do with it – paint it green!

brown wooden shelf with decorative scrolls sitting on a marble counter top

This post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure here.

Lets Make It Together!

What You Need:

Dixie Belle Paint in Kudzu

Brush, the Belle brush

Sanding sponge


wooden shelf, Dixie Belle kudzu and paint brush

I began by using a screw driver to remove the hanging hooks on the back of my shelf.

hand holding a screw driver removing a metal screw plate

Then I got to painting! This brush does an amazing job covering pieces and getting in all of those nooks and crannies!

hand painting a brown wooden shelf with dixie belle kudzu green chalk paint

Once it was all painted and fully dried (about 30 minutes later) I gently distressed it using this sanding sponge. I like that this sponge is flexible and bends much easier than traditional sand paper.

hand distressing a green painted shelf with sand paper

and ta da! Just a very light distressing job and it’s ready to be filled up with goodies!

Dixie Belle Kudzu Green Painted Shelf Before & After

I think it looks super cute in my bathroom with my soap dispenser.

Dixie Belle Kudzu Green Painted Shelf Before & After sitting on a bathroom counter with a soap dispenser

Or in my kitchen with my favorite all-natural, green, non-toxic cleaners!

Shaklee's Basic H2 All-Natural Cleaners

Why I Love Dixie Belle Paint

  • Beyond easy to use! I mean, literally
  • Creates a flat rich finish that is easily distressed on furniture or crafts
  • No sanding or priming. No VOC’s
  • Creates no brush marks
  • Doesn’t “peel” off wet paint when applying more
  • Requires only one coat
  • Water based so only water is required to wash out your brushes
  • Dries within minutes
  • A little goes a realllly long way!
  • And again…no sanding or priming required!!! Super win for a busy mom!

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