6 Home Projects To Do Inside

Six indoor home improvement projects that you can complete in a weekend that will make a big difference in your home and leave you feeling accomplished!

Winter sure is dragging on up here in Wisconsin and I’m certainly getting a little antsy! We are in our 2nd week of temperatures that are hovering below zero or just make it into the positive single digits as our HIGH! Brrrr! It’s cold! I can’t wait until I can get outside and start using the saw again or laying out a drop cloth and spray painting something! 
I guess I didn’t really understand how amazing it was living in the South…I really only had a couple of weeks a year that I couldn’t’ be outside working on projects! Now, I have to go several months…boo! That is definitely a hard pill to swallow when you really just love DIY!
But in the meantime, while I wait for spring, I suppose I should continue checking off to-do items on the inside. 

…one of those should probably include taking down my garland from our staircase! haha!
If you’re like me and finding yourself in a similar boat … let’s get motivated together! Here are some projects you can complete in a weekend that will make a big difference in your home and leave you feeling accomplished!
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6 Home Projects To Do Inside

Refresh those walls with a fresh coat of paint!

Accidentally step through the attic floor while putting Christmas decorations away? I’ve got you covered! Fix all blemishes in your walls and ceilings!

Add some character and privacy by adding these window decals that completely change the feel of a room! They are great in the bathroom!

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Can you ever really have enough storage? I think not! This pantry organizer hangs on the inside of your pantry door and can hold many tall items, particularly those awkward boxes of tinfoil, plastic wrap and baggies!

Why buy new when you can repurpose an old and drabby piece of furniture into a beautiful and stylish piece with these simple tips for updating old dressers!

Again, storage! This can be done in every room, not just the entry way! It would be great in a laundry room, bathroom or mud room!

And there you have it! Six projects you can do inside while this cold spell across the whole country is keeping us all inside!!

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6 home projects to do during winter

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