New Paint Colors – Update

I shared last week the new paint colors that we chose for the main rooms of our house.

paint colors

The painting that I did I busted out so fast, like in a matter of hours. I have painted so.many.stinkin’.walls over the past few years because this is our third house. Lover Boy was out of town so I did a good bit of the painting in the middle of the night. Those can be the most productive hours of the day!! šŸ™‚

Here I am cutting in on the back wall of our family room.

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Sorry this pictures are so crummy. I took them with my cell phone and shared them with Lover Boy. He freaked out because yep, that’s the paint can lid on our hardwood floors AND no drop cloth AND no tape on the woodwork…but in my defense, like I said, I’m practically a professional at painting. I know that sounds like I’m bragging, but I’m totally fine with that! HA! 0126141917

My big kids helped out after their bath!0127141117Here is it!!I seriously am in love with the color!! I am always amazed at how a room can be transformed SO MUCH just by some paint. **Next up for this wall is building custom built-in shelving to reduce the huge space above the fireplace, crown molding on the ceiling and stone around the fireplace insert. The rest of the family room has big plans too – I’ll share those plans in the next couple of weeks!


Trimming out the dining room. The ceilings are 15 feet high so it was a lot of fun šŸ˜‰0128141305

My little monkeys. 0129141052

And this is where the Dining Room ended…I ran out of paint for the top two trays and haven’t gone to buy more. But I’m thinking about just leaving it and pushing it off as the new trend. j/k!

I love the blue though!! SO MUCH better than that really ugly lime green that was there when we move in. **This room also has major design changes in the works as well. But they are mostly decor related so it will be one of the last things we do.


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