10 Easy Art Projects for Kids

Crafting with kids can be so much fun and is a great way to keep kids busy!

These fun craft ideas are great for holiday gifts and household decor! Create lasting memories with these fun easy art project ideas!

1. Tie Dyed Easter Eggs 2. Paper craft 3. Slime 4. Ghost Footprints 5. Glitter Shamrock 6. Eric Carle inspired art 7. Apple Stamping 8. Decoupage 9. Crackle painting 10. Handprint Snowmen

1. How To Make Tie-Dye Shaving Cream Easter Eggs

How to tie dye Easter eggs step by step video tutorial using shaving cream, eggs and food coloring.

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Shaving Cream Easter Eggs

2. He Is Risen Easter Preschool Craft

The tomb is empty and He Is Risen – create the scene with colored paper and a paper plate!

He Is Risen Easter Preschool Craft

3. 5 Ingredient Fluffy Slime Recipe

5 ingredient fluffy slime recipe using shaving cream is a must try for kids! Plus 5 things you should know BEFORE making slime…you’ll be glad to know this beforehand!

5 Ingredient Fluffy Slime + 5 things you should know BEFORE making slime

4. Ghost Footprints Art Project

Paint those little feet with white acrylic paint and press on a piece of wood, paper or canvas!

Kid Footprint Ghosts! - easy art projects for kids

5. How to Make a Shamrock Glitter Canvas Art | St. Patrick’s Day

Glitter, spray glue, a canvas and a clover cut out is all that is needed for this Shamrock Glitter Canvas art!

DIY Glitter Shamrock Canvas Art 1

6. Kid Art – Eric Carle Style

Create fun paper crafts using Eric Carle’s style of art!

Eric Carle Inspired Paper Crafts - easy art projects for kids

7. “A” is for Apple Stamping

Cut an apple in half, dip in paint and press!

Apple Stamping | Easy Art Projects for Kids

8. Decoupage Wooden Pumpkin Decor

Using a scrap piece of wood, cut out any photo of your choice and adhere to the wood using Mod Podge.

How to Decoupage on Wood

9. How To Crackle Paint Pumpkins

Give anything a crackle look using this painting technique!

How To Crackle Paint Pumpkins

10. Handprint Snowmen on a ceramic tile!

Use white acrylic paint and cover child’s fingers. Press painted fingers on black ceramic tile that can be bought at your local hardware store. Using a paint pen, write “Love You SNOW Much!”

Kid Handprint Snowmen! - Easy Art Projects for Kids

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