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Happy Saturday friends!

Happy you are here!

On The Blog This Week

This week I shared my thoughts on crazy cat ladies and owning a Victorian home – and the nine lives our three cats have!

I reminisced down memory lane and compiled 10 Easy Art Projects for Kids that can help keep you busy indoors!

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On Social This Week

On Instagram I showed some of the latest projects we have going on! Check them out!

Pantry Lighting

Over on Facebook and in Instagram Stories, I took a poll asking How Many States Have You Lived In? and If You Could Live Anywhere in The USA, Where Would You Live? Click on either of those links to share your answers! So far, only 1 person has beat me with living in more states!! I’ve lived in SIX!! {5 of which after I turned 18}.

I am actually really surprised by the answers! I’ve got a couple of posts I’ll be sharing soon about moving, welcoming new neighbors, etc…so stay tuned!

Recipe of The Week

I shared this recipe video and got a lot of messages for the dressing recipe…so, here you go! The Best Homemade Salad Dressing EVER!

Weekly Goals and Follow Up

Last Coffee Chat, I said I was going to tackle some of our crap piles around the house full of building supplies and random items that we just don’t want to part with. I’m happy to report I did in fact tackle some in the Dining Room, hence how you can see the full window in the cat post! Lol!

This coming week, I want to tackle a few more piles and our mudroom!!!

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  1. Cindy Rust says:

    Thanks, Stephanie, for sharing our post about lightening dark wood furniture! I hope your readers enjoy the technique I share in the post!

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