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Happy day friends!!!

It’s been a slow week on the blog because…

my parents are visiting for the week …

and my electrician dad is back to playing HGTV’s Mike Holmes and fixing so many issues of our fire rebuild… which is amazing especially because we are in a major season of “burn out!”! Home projects are fun when they are the ones you WANT to do…not the ones you HAVE to do!

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***Give me all of your Father’s Day ideas…I need to do something extra nice and special!!

In Other News

Life is just better when you have 23897459 projects going at once, rather than being smart and starting and finishing a SINGLE project before moving on to the next…

We started adding wooden beadboard to our {now} vaulted ceiling in our mudroom. It’s looking amazing and is everything I had hoped for this room when I made the rebuild decision to vault it rather than leave it flat.

Beadboard ceiling in vaulted mudroom

I will be adding board and batten with hooks to the walls!…for all of those “lazy hangs” when you don’t want to hang your jacket or book bag in the wall of closets on the opposing side! ha! The trim still needs to go back up around the doorway, but I’m not certain we were returned all of the pieces – so I may be making more! Lots and lots of fun things to happen in this room! I kind of see wallpaper in my future! 🙂

VOTE: Help me decide…I had everything planned out the way I wanted it…but then my hubby said he would do something different, but trusts me to do what I want —- you guys!!! That is the worst thing he can say! Because now I’m stuck in a perpetual state of “I don’t know what to do!!” I don’t like to do projects on the house that my hubby wouldn’t love…I honestly strive to make it a place he wants to be {and an 1886 Victorian is the last house he would have picked if it wasn’t for me, lol!!!- so I have a lot of “sucking up” to do!}


A. Would you paint or stain the beadboard ceiling?

B. Would you paint or stain the board and batten?

p.s. the floors are stained wood with a big area rug on top

Random Thoughts on A Chilly March Morning…

  1. My recipe for Lemon Poppyseed Bread was featured on Foodtalk last Sunday and it was a huge hit!

2. This week on the blog I shared 6+ DIY Easter Wreaths you can make in a weekend! They are all so easy!!

3. Our kitchen is coming along slowly but surely…hanging the doors is time consuming and not a ton of fun, so, it gets put on the back burner a lot of the time! … ehhh!

4. However, I organized our pantry {which was unsightly…similar to the laundry room} and now it’s all nice and tidy. Yay to doing something that feels like I accomplished something! Once the doors are up, I’ll be sure to show you!

5. This week, I’ll be working on…I think I’m going to start sharing my plan for the week in this coffee chats, so I can self inflict guilt when I don’t get anything accomplished because I decided to scroll Facebook or Instagram too long! — So…this week I’d like to work on removing all clutter, excess building supplies, etc that are taking up space and clouding my vision. The mess/clutter is definitely distracting and makes me feel like “well, why care? why keep working hard? it’s just going to be messy anyway.”…any of you know that feeling? Now that the weather is turning, we’ve got a few “surprises” that I’ll share about down the road, so I want to hurry it up and just finish some of the crappy to-do list items and cross them off once and for all!!

Who wants to help hold me accountable for our next check in??

Favorite Finds From Around The “Block”

Since I’ve recently discovered the world of Instagram {come follow me!!}—I sometimes even share yummy recipe videos, I’ve been so inspired by so many of my new friend’s creations! My favorites are always when someone takes something old and gives it new life. You all know, that’s my jam, so take a look at my favorite projects from the week!

This gorgeous chalk painted chair!

This beautiful vintage Easter display

This cozy living room!

These mouthwatering Blue Cheese Crusted NY Strip Steaks!

MariJo’s coffee bar…that’s not just about coffee, it’s about home and life! – Her story resonated so much with me as we’ve been there done that so many times!

A warm cup of coffee would be amazing with these sticky buns!!

…and these Sunrise Mimosas which would be perfect for Easter morning!…or you know, any day of the week! But just in case you’re the planning type, add these to your Easter menu!

Happy weekend friends!!!

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  1. Kim Waldorf says:

    I love what you are doing with your ceiling! Congrats on your Foodtalk feature! The lemon poppyseed bread sounds amazing! Thank you for sharing my chair this week! Enjoy your weekend, Stephanie!

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