How To Crackle Paint Pumpkins

Turn foam pumpkins from Dollar Tree into beautiful distressed vintage farmhouse style decor in just a few easy steps, without breaking the bank!

I absolutely love fall decor as much as I love vintage farmhouse. However, I’m totally not a fan of paying a lot of money for decor items that will only sit out for a couple of weeks! I saw these foam pumpkins at my local Dollar Tree and decided to try out my Dixie Belle Crackle on them in hopes to get a vintage look! … and it worked! These crackle painted pumpkins look great with my DIY Fabric Pumpkins | Farmhouse Style.

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Supplies Needed:


  • Paint Dixie Belle Crackle all over the pumpkin with foam brush and allow to completely dry
  • Once the crackle is completely dry, lightly paint on Dixie Belle Drop Cloth chalk paint with the foam brush. While the paint dries, it reactivates the Crackle and begins to crackle! The orange of the pumpkin will start to show through the Drop Cloth paint color.
  • Allow to fully dry and then have fun decorating your home!
  • TIP: If you would like a different color other than orange to show through the crackle, paint your pumpkin whatever color you would like. Let the paint dry and then apply the Crackle and then your top layer paint.

I love how they turned out! They really fit the vintage farmhouse look that I love!

Because they are so economical, you can make a bunch and place them all over the house!

I love projects that make a big statement but are 1. affordable and 2. take literally no time at all! 3. don’t make a big mess (cleaning up after big projects is always the worst part!)

I’d love to know, would you guys make these? They are certainly easy enough to whip up during nap time or right before you hit the sack yourself!

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  1. I love how your crackle pumpkin turned out. I even have the supplies in my stash. Now off to find some pumpkins!

  2. Such a simple way to update the dollar store pumpkins.
    ??? Thank you for joining the Harvest Hop

  3. I love a quick craft! When my son was a toddler, nap time projects were life. Now he is older and can sometimes join in. Happy hopping wit you and seeing your cute fall crafts!

  4. Kristin Perez says:

    Simple DIY to make dollar store pumpkins so much better! I’m loving hopping with all of you!

  5. I love the way these came out!!!! Want to try it this weekend!

  6. Stephanie this is a great project to switch up some boring pumpkins!!! Great process!

  7. Carol@BlueskyatHome says:

    Stephanie, I love the crackle look on the pumpkins. It’s a great way to tone down the bright orange. Great idea and PINNED.

  8. Leslie Watkins says:

    This pumpkin idea is perfect! A great way to soften the look of those bright orange pumpkins. Thanks for the inspiration, Stephanie! Great hopping with you once again!

  9. Stephanie, I love this project! I have never used crackle paint, but will definitely give it a try. It is such a clever way to update dollar store pumpkins! It is always so much fun to hop with you!

    1. Thanks Lynne! Crackle paint is!!!

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