He Is Risen Easter Preschool Craft

He Is Risen Easter Preschool CraftThe tomb is empty and He Is Risen! I went into my son’s preschool class and helped teach about the true meaning of Easter. Often times, with holidays, we get caught up in the commercialism instead of focusing on the true reason why we celebrate each holiday.

I began by asking the kids what Easter was all about. Many of them answered the Easter bunny, eggs, candy, etc. however, with some prompting they all started telling me Easter was about Jesus dying on the cross and that he was put in a tomb and then was gone when the ladies came to check on him! After having our discussion, we got busy crafting and made these cute little empty tombs and wrote out He Is Risen!

*You can learn more about the Easter story here from this awesome blog!

He Is Risen Easter Preschool Craft4

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Let’s Make It Together!


Construction paper – blue and green

Siler or gray paper

brad paper fasteners


small paper plates


hole punch

stapler (makes it easier to adhere the plate to the paper)

wooden sticks (optional) — I ended up not using these, but you can use them to make 3 wooden crosses standing in the background of the tomb

He Is Risen Easter Preschool Craft

  1. Start by cutting out a half circle in your plates
  2. Cut out a large oval/circle for the stone out of the gray paper
  3. Add brad fastener to the plate and stone
  4. Glue blue and green pieces of paper to any color sheet of paper for backing
  5. Glue or staple on the tomb
  6. Write He Is Risen!

He Is Risen Easter Preschool Craft

I wrote out the letters on the board a couple at a time and had the kids tell me the letters and then we went over what an exclamation mark is!

He Is Risen Easter Preschool Craft4He Is Risen Easter Preschool Craft4He Is Risen Easter Preschool Craft4

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