Water Bath Canning Blueberry Conserve

The perfect pectin-free blueberry conserve recipe! Fresh blueberries, raisins, oranges, and lemons cooked to a thickened consistency with sugar and water, then water bath canned for long-lasting preservation.

Homemade blueberry conserves, also known as blueberry preserves, are a delicious way to safely preserve fresh blueberries without pectin. By cooking blueberries, granulated sugar, raisins, lemon, and orange to a thickened consistency on the stovetop, you can create a flavorful blueberry conserve. Spread this delicious blueberry conserve on a slice of toasted sourdough bread, waffles, or biscuits!

Water Bath Canning Blueberry Conserves | Gathered In The Kitchen

Recipe Inspiration

My husband and I went to the hardware/farm store so he could get screws for a project we were working on…while he did that, I went to the canning isle and bought a ton of jars for the 120+ tomato plants I’m currently growing 😂

When we walked outside the store, there was a giant line from the back of the long parking lot all of the way to the door. At the end, was a big box truck selling Georgia peaches and Michigan blueberries. It was my lucky day!

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Tree Ripe Fruit truck | Gathered In The Kitchen

I hopped in line and told my husband to just come back and get me later! I stood in line with the older generation and was in my glory!…so much that my husband noticed right away and sent me a text message saying “I see you’ve found your tribe”. (side note: before I “retired” to be a stay at home mom, I was a Recreational Therapist and worked with the geriatric population…they are hands down my favorite people!)

We talked about canning, raw milk, raising animals, and solved many world problems! It was so much fun standing in line with them for so long!

Then sadly, the standing in line came to an end and it was time for me to select what I wanted to buy…$170 later I had 50lbs of Georgia peaches and 15lbs of Michigan blueberries! My husband said “this has apple picking written all over it!” (hahahaha —> I may or may not always allow the kids to pick 2 bushels of apples and then let half of them rot on the counter 😬 )

Tree Ripe Fruit delivery | Gathered In The Kitchen

Since then, I’ve eaten more fresh peaches than I ever did when we lived in Georgia and have been busy canning and preserving pounds and pounds of fruit!

One of the recipes I made first was for blueberry conserve. The recipe came from my Ball Canning and Preserving cookbook.

Blueberry Conserve Recipe | Gathered In The Kitchen

What is conserve? Is it jelly?

While a conserve is very similar to a traditional jelly, conserves are made with two or more fruits that are cooked to a thick consistency. The ingredients are cooked on a stovetop to or almost to the gelling point. You can check the doneness of your conserve by checking the temperature (for this blueberry conserve, the temperature is 220°F) or by using the plate test: ladling some out on a plate and running your finger through the middle. If it parts and doesn’t come back together, it is ready.

How do you can/preserve conserve?

Conserves are typically made with fruit, therefore they have a strong acidity. A pH of 4.6 or lower is needed to safely preserve the fruit. Using the water bath canning method is the proper method to can/preserve blueberry conserve. Equipment needed = water bath canner.

*I have a GE Café double oven induction cooktop, which means I can no longer use my traditional water bath canner since aluminum isn’t compatible with induction. Instead, I purchased an induction-compatible pressure canner to continue preserving foods. Instead of using the pressure canner in the pressure canning mode, I used it as a water bath canner and preserved my blueberry conserves.

If you’re new to canning/preserving, check out my blog post for How To Can On An Induction Cooktop.

Induction range pressure canner | Gathered In The Kitchen

Which canning method is best for you?

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Blueberry Conserve Recipe | Gathered In The Kitchen

Water Bath Canning Blueberry Conserve

Stephanie | Gathered In The Kitchen
The perfect pectin-free blueberry conserve recipe! Fresh blueberries, raisins, oranges, and lemons cooked to a thickened consistency with sugar and water, then water bath canned for long-lasting preservation.
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 1 hour
Course canning
Cuisine American
Servings 4 half pint jars


  • water bath canner
  • canning jars, lids and rings




  • Wash blueberries, lemon and orange. Cut off ends of lemon and orange, then in half, remove seeds, and thinly slice


  • In a large saucepan, combine water, sugar, lemon, orange, and raisins. Cook at a simmer (180°F) for 10 minutes and then add the blueberries. Bring mixture to a boil over medium-high heat, cooking rapidly to the gelling point (220°F). Stirring frequently to ensure the mixture doesn't burn to the bottom of the saucepan


  • Prepare jars and rings according to water bath canner instructions. Fill hot jars leaving 1/4" headspace. Remove bubbles. Clean jar rim with white vinegar. Add lid and finger tighten rings. Place in water bath canner and bring to a boil


  • Cover the jars with 1" water and process over medium-high heat in a rolling boil for 15 minutes (when using half-pint jars). Remove from water bath canner, set aside and leave untouched until seals pop. Let cool for 12 hours before handling jars
Keyword blueberry, canning, preserving
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Have you ever canned or preserved blueberries? I’d love to hear what your favorite recipes are! Tell me in the comments…in the meantime, enjoy these delicious blueberry recipes or download a free copy of my The Best Blueberry Recipes Cookbook | Free Download!

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