Twice Baked Potatoes

One night last week we grilled out when my family was here. Chicken for them (gag!) and a pork chop for me (mmm). As a side item I made Twice Baked Potatoes. They are so easy to make and are really filling (a good thing when you’re feeding 5 adults and 3 kids!)

While making dinner, snapping pictures along the way, and entertaining little helpers I somehow missed taking a final picture of them before dishing them out, opps! So just use your creative imaginations and pretend the cheese is melted! 🙂 Merci!

Heat oven to 350°

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Start by cooking the potatoes in the microwave. I have a setting for ‘potato’ so I just used that. Otherwise cook each potato for 5-7 minutes depending on the size.

Once they’re cooked it’s best to let them cool, if you have the time. I didn’t so my fingers got a little burnt! Slice them in half lengthwise. Then using a fork, hollow out the insides. Use a spoon to smooth everything out once most of the potato has already been removed and placed into a mixing bowl.

Line a pan with tin foil (for super easy clean up!) I prefer to use a bread pan because the size is typically perfect. Place the potato skins in and set aside.

Mash the potatoes in the bowl using a fork. It’s OK to leave them a little lumpy

Scoop in sour cream. I use a lot. For 4 potatoes I used between 1 ¼c – 1 ½c. Adjust according to your preference. However, the more the better!

Using a hand held beater mix together

This would be a great time to add chives or green onions, salt & pepper, or whatever else you can think of!

Add in grated cheese. Again, a lot = better!! I used probably ¾c. Stir together

Spoon into empty potato skins and top with more cheese and bacon bits

Bake in the oven until cheese is melted and serve!

Click HERE for the printable recipe!

Hope you guys enjoy this! It’s a perfect side dish or even meal on a cool day!  Come back and let me know if you make them!


*Little Sparrow 


  1. mmm…your blog is dangerous 🙂

    I’m not sure why, but when I read your posts in google reader, all of your pictures are HUGE! I have other blogs that use wordpress in my reading list, but they all show up normal. Just thought I would let you know.

    1. Haha thanks!! 🙂

      Thanks for letting me know about the pictures! I will look into that!

  2. I LOVE potatoes!! It must be from growing up on a spud farm. These looks so yummy. I think we may have to have some tonight!

    1. Wow!! That is soo cool!! Enjoy!!! (and use lots of sour cream!!) 🙂

  3. love, love, love twice baked potatoes! thanks for all yummy recipes for the colder weather-cooking in fall/winter is so much more fun than cooking in summer!

    1. I totally agree!!!…and you can swear sweaters to cover up all of the extra pounds you put on!!! my favorite!!! haha

  4. Brie - BreezyPinkDaisies says:

    Fun! I’m going to try this! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! 🙂 I love curb shopping! haha! My good friend actually made the blanket for me as a bridal shower gift. I love it – it’s double sided fleece tied together and she had our names and wedding date embroidered on it! 🙂

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