Outdoor Nautical and North Woods Themed Bedroom Decor for Boys Bedroom

Outdoor nautical and north woods themed bedroom decor for boys.

I try to incorporate pieces that I have either collected, found, built or were given when I decorate rooms. I know it’s so much easier to just go to a big box store and buy all of there “themed” items…but I feel that takes all of the fun out of a room! I love having conversation pieces, pieces that remind me of someone or a place we went, etc. This way it just feels more special to me!

Boys Bedroom- Outdoor Decor Theme

When we bought house #3, we only had 2 kids. Shortly after we moved in (a matter of weeks!) I found out I was pregnant with #3…he was definitely planned, but we knew we had our work cut out for us since we had just sold a 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom house and bought this 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house!

To be honest, my boys never shared a room in real life. I have absolutely no shame in sharing that we co-slept with our kids. When we sold this house, when the baby was five…he was actually still with us! {swoon goes my mommy heart!} But just because he didn’t really ever sleep in his bedroom, I still had a bed for him.

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The before of this room was quite horrendous! The top wall color was bright bright blue (Carolina Blue to be exact) and the bottom was high gloss black…that was peeling. It was awful! There were holes and dings all over the place that definitely needed to be fixed. But projects like that don’t scare me…and this was a custom built house that had been a bit neglected on a big lot in a private beach on the lake community…So…we knew it was a good investment! And it definitely turned out to be! I spackled, sanded and sanded and sanded until the walls were as smooth as a babies bottom (I’m serious!) Every square inch was hand sanded! I then painted the walls Benjamin Moore Moonshine on top and Clark + Kensington Dark Diversion on the bottom (when I painted the walls, the color was called Yankee uniform something. However, I can no longer find that color and believe that it is this Dark Diversion color).

Boys Bedroom- Outdoor Decor Theme

I used to have the room set up differently – the bunk beds were side by side with the wooden boat oars in between them and the dressers were in different places. However, for the purposes of listing the house for sale and not wanting to make it fully apparent that two kids were sharing a bedroom, we decided to stack them to free up space. There’s something about bunk beds being lofted this way – it opens up the floor space more, and doesn’t 100% tell a buyer that there are two kids in a room – a lot of kids have bunk beds for sleepover purposes, guests, etc. So…I went with that illusion!

p.s. the bedroom wasn’t as crowded as it looks in these photos. It was actually a great sized room with plenty of space…even with the dresser next to the bed and window.

Wooden Bunk Bed: Craigslist score! We wanted solid wood (which jacks up the price!) and when I happened to stumble upon this set one day I knew it was the one for us! (sadly, this bottom bed and drawers were shoveled out the window at our current house (#4) when the house was stuck by lightning and caught fire.

Plaid Bedding: Pottery Barn

Wooden Boat Oars: My dad’s – I love to incorporate pieces that have meaning behind them. My parents have a canoe and when my dad was younger, he used to do canoe races (for fun) and these were the oars he used. Such a fun way to tie in something old into the room!

Dressers: These extra heavy, solid wood maple dressers are from the 1940’s and were gifted to us. I absolutely love them. The rich, maple color makes my heart swoon!

Blue Board Shelf: Back at house #2, I really started to create woodworking projects. Learning how to use the saw, nail guns, etc were so much fun…but I was far from building perfect pieces. However, this sweet shelf that I built with a bead board backing was one of my very first projects and I love it! It’s far from perfect, but hey, it hung on the wall great and housed some of my boys favorite keepsakes! (I made this one for my daughter’s room out of an antique headboard!)

Red & White Wooden Buoy – We bought this at a roadside vendor during a trip to Maine one family vacation. It is a wooden buoy that was used for crabbing in Nova Scotia a long long time ago! It was actually the piece that made me go with an outdoor decor theme for my boy’s room!

Boys Bedroom- Outdoor Decor Theme

Deer Head – My grandma, who lived to almost 101, gave this to me for my boys. It was her late husband’s growing up. The antlers are very fragile, but I just loved how it filled the spot above the closet…and I loved even more that it was a piece that belonged to someone who had such a kind heart.

Wooden Fish & Buoys – Hobby Lobby

Wooden Oar – Above the door. This was a piece that my husband and I bought so so so many years ago. Way before we were married. It’s so funny, we were these young kids in college, playing house and going shopping, buying things that no “real sane” college kid is buying to decorate our apartments. I never would have thought that all of those years ago, it would have been a piece that would stick with us for forever and be in our boy’s bedroom! But because we were kids ourselves when we bought it, I love it eve more now!

Finding pieces while you’re out and about and creating a collection is my favorite way to design a room. How do you go about decorating rooms in your home?

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Boys Bedroom- Outdoor Decor Theme

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