Southern Breeze Sweet Tea


I grew up in the land of “Iced Tea” – aka unsweetened tea. I never liked it until we were moved to Georgia 8 years ago. This is when I was introduced to “Sweet Tea”. Automatically all was right and good in the world! Seriously, I love me some sweet tea! 🙂 It is always my drink of choice when eating out!

However, cup after cup sure adds to the waistline (and everywhere else unfortunately) – and since I live in the South where the weather is always nice AND on the lake that means that there’s a whole lot of swimsuit wearing going on over here. So, as much as I’d like to indulge in my good ol’ sweet tea, I don’t want those dreaded calories (nor do all of the people who have to see me in my swimsuit, lol!)

When I found out that  Southern Breeze Sweet Tea had released a new Sweet Tea with ZERO calories I was right on board!  Southern Breeze Sweet Tea contains sweetener right inside the tea bag.  No adding cup after cup (really, I’m not joking) of sugar once your tea has brewed.

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With Southern Breeze Sweet Tea, your tea is sweetening as it steeps! How awesome is that?!? Extra bonus: it’s so easy to make! Only 3 quick steps!


Easy peasy!! And so delicious and refreshing especially after these scorching hot and humid days we’ve been having here lately!


Brew up a pitcher – or even two – for your next gathering



  1. Yes, most definitely… one of my favorite drinks!

  2. I LOVE sweet tea, it makes me just think of summertime!

  3. Laura Ari says:

    I love sweet tea. My grandmother used to make it by the gallon in the summer.

  4. Absolutely! Love tea! I remember when my dad first moved to South Carolina 15 years ago and I came to visit and when we went out to eat I ordered an iced tea and was asked sweet or unsweetened… I gave the sweet tea a shot and now order it every time we visit 🙂

  5. I love my sweet tea! I remember there always being a pitcher in the refrigerator when I was growing up or the waiting for a fresh brew. Oh the waiting! That was torture! The pot boiling on the stove. The cups of sugar waiting to be doused. It was always the first choice when offered a drink on a hot summer day. Forget the water or kool-aid. No one makes it like my mom and grandmother. Not even me. I just can’t seem to get it right, so naturally, it’s the first thing I head for as soon as I get to mom’s house. 🙂

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