Our Fun Filled Weekend & Father’s Day Weekend

Things are always so crazy busy with our family, but lately we haven’t gotten to do too much “fun” stuff. This weekend more than made up for it!

Laughing Coyote turned two and it was Father’s Day!

Laughing Coyote loves trains…well anything boyish, so we kicked the day off by going on an historical train ride through the countryside of South Carolina. It was really neat!

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For Father’s Day we went blueberry picking. We ended up going to the same beautiful farm as last year.

We picked one gallon worth and plan to go back a few more times this summer! Be ready for some yummy blueberry recipes! Here are some from last year:

Blueberry Ice Cream

Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

Blueberry Muffins (the world’s best!!)

Blueberry Butter

For Lover Boy’s 21st birthday (allllmost 9 years ago, hehe) I made a special box for him and had a billion notes of why I loved him. Ever since then he has filled that box with “special” memories from over the years (and with stuff from before then, like our high school love notes, aww!) Since then I have made him one more, which is pretty full. As well as made one for both of the kids and myself. So for a Father’s Day gift the kids and I made him this box. I made the vinyl lettering with my Silhouette and then had the kids put their handprints on the box. He loved it…and so did I! 🙂

Not only was it Laughing Coyote’s birthday and Father’s Day it was also my dad’s 61st birthday and my parents 41st wedding anniversary! Plus…two other super significant dates: the selling of both of our houses selling June 14th and 15th. So happy that we have so many wonderful things to celebrate!!

Now we’re back to the hustle and bustle of preparing for the move. Although it’s a busy time, it’s REALLY fun looking at houses!! The best part about moving!! I have been asked by several people if I enjoy moving or if it’s just really stressful and my answer is always: “Yes, it’s stressful, but in a good way. We love to travel so much that moving around the country is like being on a permanent vacation, who could want anything more?!?” 🙂 So excited for our next adventure and so thankful that we are able to have such great opportunities!


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