7 Simple and Chic Easter Mantel Decor Ideas for a Fresh Spring Look

Spring is in the air, and what better way to celebrate than with some festive Easter mantle decor? Whether you prefer a classic look or something more modern, there are plenty of stylish ideas to choose from. From vases of flowers to ceramic rabbits, there are endless ways to add a pop of color and fun to your mantle.

I know this comes as no surprise to you – I love to swap out my mantle decor for every holiday of the year!

I have large Sterilite bins in my attic that house various decor items that I bring out when the time comes. Most of the items I use to decorate with are items that I’ve personally made or repurposed, bought at antique or thrift stores or was given. While of course there are items that I buy at big-box stores, I love to take discarded items and give them new life!

Simple and Chic Easter Mantel Decor Ideas for a Fresh Spring Look | Gathered In The Kitchen

I wanted to create a fresh and bright look for my living space, inspired by the sun’s return after a long winter. It’s amazing how much I’ve missed the warmth and light it brings. I wanted to use a white color schemes with pops of color to create a space that felt open and inviting.

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My living room is an oddly shaped room, with the old, cast iron fireplace and brick surround centered (kind of!) in the room. The room is very wide with various nooks, doors and stairs that interrupt the space. In truth, it’s a challenge to decorate! So, I choose to leave the rest of the room alone, and focus on the mantle every holiday! p.s. here’s my Easter mantel decor from last year.

01 | Stacking Mirrors

Stacking Mirrors for Decor | Gathered In The Kitchen

Stacking different sized and shaped mirrors is a great way to create brightness and depth in a room. Mirrors reflect light, making a space feel brighter and more open, which is important for my living room since it’s so wide rather than deep.

When you stack mirrors, you create a focal point that catches angles from various areas in a room. Notice how my chandelier and wood beam (ha!) are showing? Most likely, your room is complete and not a construction zone, so this technique works well for creating the illusion of more space…think of those restaurants that have a wall lined with mirrors…the mirror creates the illusion the room keeps going on and there are more guests.

Stacking old and new, large and small mirrors, is a simple and affordable way to add style and dimension to your home decor.

Simple and Chic Easter Mantel Decor Ideas for a Fresh Spring Look | Gathered In The Kitchen

02 | Ceramic Rabbits

Simple and Chic Easter Mantel Decor Ideas for a Fresh Spring Look | Gathered In The Kitchen

It seems cliché, but decorating with ceramic rabbits is a classic way to add a festive touch to your mantle. Ceramic rabbits are abundant at any big-box store, thrift stores and antique stores. Finding ceramic rabbits that fit your decor style should be a pretty easy feat!

Ceramic rabbits come in a variety of sizes and styles, from simple and classic to whimsical and colorful. I like to use various sized and colored rabbits to decorate with. I set smaller figurines on wooden candle holders to elevate them and add dimension to my decor, while I stand the taller figurines on the mantle itself.

03 | Wreaths

Simple and Chic Easter Mantel Decor Ideas for a Fresh Spring Look | Gathered In The Kitchen

Hanging a coffee filter wreath on an old window is the best way to add texture to your mantle decor. Not only are you repurposing an old window, you’re adding a cozy touch to your mantle decor. Making a coffee filter wreath is easy and requires only a few supplies, such as a package of coffee filters, a foam wreath form, and hot glue, that’s it! Follow my step-by-step instructions for your own DIY Coffee Filter Wreath!

Looking for a more festive wreath? Try making my Plastic Easter Egg Wreath Tutorial.

04 | Wood Signs

I make DIY wood signs for every occasion. Sure, you can buy them at the store, since they’re so wildly popular these days, however, I get a lot of satisfaction creating my very own, plus by creating your own allows you to customize the design and make it truly unique. Check out my tutorial for How To Make A Wood Sign – Farmhouse Style| From Start to Finish.

When decorating your mantle, you should consider layering different sized signs to create depth and interest. I like to think “tall, short, fluffy and smooth”. You can also mix in other decor elements like figurines, candles, greenery, or photo frames to create a cohesive look!

Simple and Chic Easter Mantel Decor Ideas for a Fresh Spring Look | Gathered In The Kitchen

05 | Flowers

Easter Mantle Decor | Gathered In The Kitchen

Adding a vase with a bouquet of flowers is the most simple way to add a pop of color. Since my goal was a white colored scheme, I didn’t want to overpower my mantle with color. This delicate bunch of artificial lavender adds just the simple pop of color I was hoping for.

06 | Lights

Easter Mantle Decor | Gathered In The Kitchen

On both ends of my mantle, I have tall, gold vases. I bet you wouldn’t have guessed that those are actually flipped upside down onto small, white milk glass lamps! Ahh, decorating tricks at it’s finest!

I had bought the milk glass lamps at a thrift store a while ago actually for the nightstands in our owner suite bedroom. However, I concluded that I wanted lights with more height in the bedroom, so I swapped them out. I put the milk glass lamps on either end of my mantle, but again, they looked absolutely miniature, so they were a no-go…until…I had one of those ah-ha moments and thought I could flip these gold vases upside downwind create a new lampshade for the milk glass lamps! It worked perfectly!!

When the sun goes down, I turn my lights on and they give the best, most cozy ambience to the living room!

07 | Colorful Garland

colorful felt garland hanging on mantle

Another simple way to add a touch of color is to hang a felt ball garland swag on your mantle. With its soft texture and playful appearance, felt garland is a fun and festive way to add a cozy touch to your home decor. Check out my tutorial for How to Make A Yarn Pom-Pom!

Simple and Chic Easter Mantel Decor Ideas for a Fresh Spring Look | Gathered In The Kitchen

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6 Simple and Chic Easter Mantel Decor Ideas | Gathered In The Kitchen

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